Caffè Store Italia: e-commerce tailored to its customers

The web is now full of sites dedicated to the sale of capsules and capsules, as well as coffee machines for all uses and needs. Caffè Store Italia, an e-commerce company that sells coffee throughout Italy, differs from all other online stores in certain features that make it a national reference point for the sale of coffee capsules and capsules and other types of coffee. In this article, we want to tell you about the origins of Caffè Store Italia and this sets this e-commerce apart from everyone else on the web.

How Caffè Store Italia was born

Lorenzo and Alessio Marcellini, brothers and young entrepreneurs in the food and beverage sector in Nocera Umbra, a small village nestled in the Apennines in the green heart of Italy, got the idea to “land” on the web a few years ago.

With extensive experience in selling tubs and capsules at the local level, they understood the potential of the network and the opportunity to sell their products even outside Umbria’s borders.

From this intuition was born Caffè Store Italia, an e-commerce that today has hundreds of products from the best brands and is compatible with the most important coffee machines.

From a small site a little more than a shop window, over the years it has turned into a real e-commerce, which gives everyone the opportunity to buy their favorite capsules and pay with a few clicks, by credit card or PayPal.

Why choose Caffè Store Italia?

There are several good reasons to choose Caffè Store Italia and trust the Marcellini brothers to buy coffee online.

The first good reason is the prices: even compared to the producers’ online stores (for example Caffè Borbone itself), you can find really advantageous offers at Caffè Store Italia.

To this we must add that for a minimum order (a few tens of euros) the shipping costs are always free.

But there is even more to the price: by trusting the Caffè Store Italia team, you can count on always efficient customer service, with people available at all times.

Finally, even though it is an online store, at Caffè Store Italia you can somehow “breathe” the friendly and trusting atmosphere typical of small provincial stores, such as the one that the Marcellini brothers still handle in the heart of Nocera Umbra.

Finally, the curiosity and desire of the two young entrepreneurs to always be there means that you can always find the latest news at Caffè Store Italia, which is regularly posted on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

In short, with Caffè Store Italia you can find the friendliness and availability of the local shops from the past, with the opportunity to always save money and have the tubs you want straight to your home!

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