Caffè Versiliana 2022 (July 10)

Marina di Pietrasanta (LU) _ Caffè della Versiliana 2022 is also presented this year as the summer’s most anticipated talk show. A parade of big names who will parade on stage in the Spazio Caffè Romano Battaglia every day from July 10 to August 31. Promoted and organized by the Versiliana Foundation in collaboration with the municipality of Pietrasanta and supported by the Tuscany region through the Tuscany Promozione Turistica, this year Caffè della Versiliana presents the new face of the Incontri al Caffè stage, placed for the first time in its history on the opposite side, totally renewed in the set of wings and background. An appointment, that of Incontri al Caffè, designed, thought, studied and carried out over the years, with love and devotion, by its patron Romano Battaglia, of which this year is the 10th anniversary of his death and which the Versiliana Foundation will commemorate in a meeting dedicated to him, just on July 22, the day of his death, where we will talk about how the way of conducting journalism has changed from the seventies to today, together with the editor of Corriere della Sera Luciano Fontanato journalists Ilaria D’Amico and David De Filippi and the construction of Massimiliano Lenzi.

The meetings at the café begin Sunday, July 10: the Mayor of Pietrasanta will be guests to inaugurate the 43rd edition of the La Versiliana Festival Alberto Stefano Giovannetti, President of the Versiliana Foundation Alfredo Benedetti and the senator Massimo Mallegnimoderated by the reporter Federico Conti. Guest of honor President of the Tuscany Region Eugenio Giani.

Many characters who have confirmed their presence at the afternoon meetings, which will take place every afternoon at 6.30 pm and who will always be free, among whom we remember the virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco (July 18), criminologist Roberta Bruzzone (July 20), the reporter and TV host Mario Giordano (July 21), Ilaria D’Amico, journalist and television personality (July 22), editor of Corriere della Sera Luciano Fontana (July 22), the author Antonella Boralevi (July 24), Allegra Gucci, entrepreneur and daughter of Maurizio Gucci from the homonymous fashion house (August 1), Alessandro Sallusti and Luca Palamara which presents its latest book (August 4), the singer and host Iva Zanicchi (August 7), Flavio Insinna, TV host and actor (August 8), Carbon Virus TV host (August 10) and journalist Toni Capuozzo (August 13).

At “Spazio Caffè Romano Battaglia” the big names in politics can not be missed: among the representatives of the government who have already confirmed their presence, the Minister of Public Administration Renato Brunetta (July 31) interviewed by the head of La Nazione Agnese Pini, the Deputy State Secretary to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers Franco Gabrielli (August 14). The presence of the party leaders has also been confirmed Giorgia Meloni (August 3) e Matteo Salvini (August 17), both under the leadership of the TG2 Director Gennaro Sangiuliano; Marco Rizzo (July 11) interviewed by Massimiliano Lenzi, Matteo Renzi (date to be confirmed) e Carlo Calenda (23 August) And then again, Member Antonio Tajani (date to be confirmed) and the senators Andrea Cangini (23 July); Massimo Mallegni and Andrea Marcucci (August 12), interviewed by Claudia Fusani.Many authors who have chosen the stage at Incontri al Caffè to present their books, including Daniele Capezzone, politician and columnist, former secretary of the Italian Radicals and former spokesman for the first Forza Italia interviewed by Massimiliano Lenzi (July 14); Andrea Cangini, former head of La Nazione (July 23); Roberta Bruzzone (July 20)), Vira Carbone together with his daughter, the journalist Marzia Valitutti and to the head of Humanita’s breastfeeding unit Corrado Tinterri (August 10), the winner of Masterchef11 Tracy and the journalist and gastronome Davide Paolini (August 6) interviewed by David De Filippi; Antonella Boralevi (July 24) presented by dto Elena Torre And Allegra Gucci (August 1) interviewed by Francesca Navari.

And again, they are going to present their book Toni Capuozzo (August 13), chaired by the Director of Il Tirreno Luciano Tancredi; Iva Zanicchi (August 7)) And Flavio Insinna (August 8) Among the guests who will present their latest volumes is also the journalist Aldo Grandi, interviewed by Stefano Cecchi (July 29)); the lawyers Andrea Mitresi and Stefano Maccioni (August 28)), who will present their books respectivelyThe Rocco case “and” Pasolini, a case that never ended “and the Limes journalist Matteo Giustiwhich will present its latest book ‘Their Africa’.

The new powers against the old Europe “(July 13). The appointment on July 12 with the General Marco Bertoliniformer commander of the Folgore Brigade, President of the Italian National Paratroopers’ Association interviewed by the Director of Il Tirreno Luciano Tancredi; on July 15, who will see the world champion in offshore as the main character Maurizio Schepici interviewed by Marco Ferri; virologists Fabrizio Pregliascoguest together with the CEO of KME Claudio Pinassi, interviewed by Claudio Sottili (July 18); a meeting with international musical excellence in dance and music, organized by Alida Berti and was implemented by Claudio Sottili, who will see protagonists Maria EichwaldStuttgart prima ballerina, Rachele BuriassiMontreal prima ballerina, Igor Zapravdininternational pianist at the Vienna State Opera, Andrea Belfiore New York Drummer, Ioan Bodnarciuc young clarinet talent, Aki MimuraJapanese sculptor who will present the international award she created “Artistic Consonances” named after George Bodnarciuc and Vando D’Angiolo (August 2) and the meeting on August 9 “Training and safety at work” who will see the entrepreneur as the main characters Ivo Mancini together with the mayor of Pietrasanta Alberto Stefano Giovannetti, to the Mayor of Viareggio Giorgio Del Ghingaro and to the Councilor for General Education in the Tuscany Region Alessandra Nardini, with the implementation of Claudio Sottili.With the implementation of Fabrizio Diolaiuti, we remember the appointment dedicated to the theme of waste and environmental protection (July 19) together with Monia MonniCouncilor for the Environment in the region of Tuscany, Daniele FortiniChairman of RetiAmbiente Spa, Walter Bresciani Gatti and Luca Nannini, respective director and sole director of Ersu Spa; the meeting “Friends for the skin and … beware of the sun”, with doctors and specialists in the sector together with the president of the Italian association Xeroderma Pigmentoso (July 25) the presentation of the latest book by Antonella Gramigna about Covid and disinformation (August 25) and a dialogue with prof.

Fernando Colao (August 27), orthopedic surgeon specializing in traumatology and prostheses; Finally, we point out a meeting on the world of Freemasonry (July 30) and one on legal policy issues, with politicians, lawyers and experts in the sector (August 31).COOPERATIONThis year, too, the collaborations that the Versiliana Foundation has initiated for the 2022 edition of the Festival and its Café are prestigious. with the region Tuscany and with Tuscany Promozione Turistica who have renewed their support for the festival.

Together with the regional agency that promotes territories, destinations and typical Tuscan products, the Versiliana Foundation has created an integrated project that will include a number of initiatives to promote our region’s excellence in the café. the renewed cooperation with “Sophia – Philosophy in Tribute“Who should talk about philosophy and art with? Andrea Mecacci philosopher professor of aesthetics at the University of Florence e Claudio Rocca, director of the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, moderated by the curators of the appointment Alessandro and Massimiliano Montefameglio.

New collaboration in this 43rd edition with Lavazzawhich he will propose together with The next generation Unicef the meeting ‘Ideas to tell the world to the new generations’ with the journalist and writer as guest Giovanni Grasso on stage with Francesca Airoldi, Ennio Alagia and Charley Vezza and the construction of Marco Carrara.Two meetings in collaboration with European Commission on July 27 and August 26. A special meeting will be held among Caffès’ guest institutions Ragghianti Foundation (August 24) with the meeting “Art of Africa yesterday and today”, which will see the main characters Alberto Fontana, Chairman of the Ragghianti Foundation in Lucca e Alessandro Romaninico-curator of the Ivory Coast Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2022 It should be noted that some meetings will be introduced musically by the pianist Lucrezia Eleonora dell’Aquila.BARSANTI GARDEN – SANT’AGOSTINO MONASTERYIn the Barsanti Garden, inside the suggestive convent of Sant’Agostino in the historic center of Pietrasanta, there will be three literary events organized by the Versiliana Foundation, organized in the evening: “Readings of passages from the book ‘Il Piacere’ by Gabriele D ‘ Annunzio ‘, edited by Marco Rossi with musical accompaniment by the violinist Linda Leccese (August 3) and the presentations of the books ‘The different diet’ by Paolo Bartolozzi (August 14), ‘Queen of the Night’ by Francesco Pasqualetti (August 16), ‘Tuscans in Hell.

I cursed by Dante “and” Death at the top. Polidori, Byron, Mary Shelley and other vampire journalists and writers Mario Bernardi Guardi (21th of August).THE CONDUCTORSIn the list of hosts for Caffè de La Versiliana 2022, they return Massimiliano Lenzi, journalist, television writer and author, who every Thursday will propose the episode “Non solo chiacchiere” where he will interview personalities from the world of politics and journalism; the journalist and the author David De Filippi which will present books and authors of various kinds, from current events to cooking, from health to criminal news; Fabrizio Diolaiuti and Claudio Sottili, historical conductors of the Caffè de La Versiliana. Among the conductors we also remember the directors of Il Tirreno Luciano Tancredi and by the Nation Agnese Pini, the director of TG2 Gennaro Sangiuliano, Elena Torre journalist at Il Tirreno, the journalist Francesca Navari of the nation, Federico Conti, journalist and presenter, Marco Carrara, Marco Ferri, Aldo Grandi, Alessandro and Massimiliano Montefameglio, Stefano Cecchi, Paolo Bolpagni.CAFFE ‘DE LA VERSILIANA ON TVAlso for this 2022 edition, Caffè de La Versiliana will be a television event, always followed by the public from all over Italy. In addition to renewing the collaboration with Noi Tv, which will broadcast all meetings on its own channel 12 and also in streaming, Caffè de La Versiliana will also be broadcast on Umbria TV, Parma TV, Toscana TV and Tele Etruria. All meetings will also be streamed on the Youtube channel “Versiliana Festival” and on the Facebook pages for Versiliana and the Municipality Pietrasanta meetings are free.

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