CALOPEZZATI (CS) – Success for the solidarity flash mob for Guglielmo Caffè

In recent days, in Calopezzati, a flash mob was held to express solidarity with Guglielmo Caffè for the serious act suffered in recent days, organized byCalabria Excellent Etches Association.

In addition to the president of the Calabria Excellent Association Fabio Pugliesedeputy mayor of Calopezzati also participated in the initiative, Giuseppe Gigliottimunicipal councilor and member of the Anci Calabria Commission, Mario Amodeothe chairman of the association “New Year in Paradise”, prof. Antonio Trento and the president of the National Association of Italian Truffles in Emilia Romagna Joseph Crescente.

Many participants in the initiative who wanted to express solidarity with the owners and employees of Caffè Guglielmo and became a moment to confirm and promote the culture of legality and nonviolence.

The president of the association “Calabria Excellent” Fabio Pugliese, in his speech, highlighted two aspects in particular: “the determination with which Guglielmo Caffè on this occasion, but also in recent years, despite being exposed to various threats, has resisted the harassment of organized crime. »and then« the strength and pride with which it immediately set out again and which represents a fine example for all of us honest Calabrians».

Calopezzati’s deputy mayor Giuseppe Gigliotti expressed the solidarity of the municipal administration to Guglielmo Caffè, the president of the association “New Year in Paradise” Prof. Antonio Trento complimented the initiative and argued that the best forces in Calabria must network also to fight organized crime, pointed out the municipal councilor Mario Amodeo the importance of collaborating with the state and the police when similar episodes occur, finally the president of the National Association of Italian Truffles in Emilia Romagna Giuseppe Crescente wanted to emphasize how much Caffè Guglielmo suffered affects us all because this company represents a flagship for Calabria and the whole country.

At the end of the initiative, all the participants symbolically expressed their opposition to each terrifying act by drinking a Guglielmo coffee. (rcs)

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