coffee grounds recycle reuse

The days have become longer, we have more time available to devote to household chores and more, such as experimenting with something new, such as recycling materials that are considered “waste”. In particular, we are talking about the upcycle or the possibility of creating a product of value or of higher quality than the original, … Read more

The literary café in Pineto starts with 12 events. It opens with Catà and the tribute to Jim Morrison –

PINETO – It will be the philosopher and theatricalist Cesare Catà that Sunday, June 26, 2022 at. 21.00 open the new edition of the literary coffee, by the CEO of Pineto Progetto Cultura, Ernesto Iezzi and which will be developed in 12 events, mostly on Sundays, always at 21.00 in Villa Filiani’s garden, until 30 … Read more

Michelle Hunziker’s passion for coffee: the drink’s incredible effects on the showgirl, crazy!

Michelle Hunziker has decided to tell her fans about her passion for coffee … but what effects does this drink have on the showgirl? In coffee, they have always succeeded in getting everyone to agree in all parts of the world, even though the methods of brewing change considerably depending on the different traditions. Coffee … Read more

Angela Celentano / Recognized on “craving for coffee”, the family “Miracle will happen”

Angela Celentano’s disappearance and new appeal Also this week, the broadcast Who has seen will turn the headlight on the yellow off Angela Celentanothe three-year-old girl who disappeared from Monte Faito, in the province of Naples on August 10, 1996. “Angela may have been kidnapped for illegal adoption, she may be anywhere”: so mother Maria … Read more

Is coffee safe during pregnancy? Results of the latest genetic study – Notizie

Credit: KreaFoto, Shutterstock, ID: 1624562350 Limited coffee consumption during pregnancy would not lead to an increased risk of miscarriage, stillbirth or premature birth, according to a new study by researchers from the Institute for Molecular Bioscience at the University of Queensland.[1] The study was published inInternational Journal of Epidemiology.[2] There are genetic variants that can … Read more