Covid-19 invades North Korea

In 3 sips – Cases of positivity towards Covid-19 have soared in a few days, after the discovery of what would be the first case in the country. Kim Jong-un accused officials of not holding back the infections and exposing citizens to inadequate care. 1. TWO YEARS INSULATION There has been a lot of talk … Read more

San Severino, inauguration of the new literary café inside the library – Picchio News

Culture San Severino Marche A space for everyone, and open to everyone, where you can meet to read a book, simply to socialize and be distracted, to participate in a presentation or to just exchange a word. Inside the municipal library “Francesco Antolisei”, on the occasion of Museum Night, the new one was officially inaugurated … Read more

Only serve coffee that smells burnt thanks to these methods to always have suede and coffee pot on top to improve aroma and taste

Among the foods that Italians are known for is coffee. Not just pizza or mozzarella, but this drink has always been a favorite among our countrymen. So much so that when we go abroad we are often disappointed with what we find. We need some shakes, made as coffee, that scare us. Espresso is a … Read more

Compatible coffee capsules

The use of the coffee machine, the one we grew up with, which uses the classic coffee powder, has now been directly replaced by the espresso machines that use tubs. The taste and aroma is intense, it then has to do with a strong taste that reminds us of what we find in bars. Many … Read more

Associations in the shop window with Prevention Day between controls and “solidarity” coffee

This morning, the initiative promoted by the Avis group was inaugurated, involving all the realities that operate every day in the area to ensure the health and safety of citizens. Associations in the shop window with Prevention Day: this morning, in Coccaglio, the initiative was promoted by the Avis group and involved all the realities … Read more