Alzheimer Pedemontano Itinerant Café starts again

At the starting blocks, “Caffè Alzheimer Pedemontano Itinerante”, 2022, will touch Loria, Vedelago, Riese Pio X ° and Valdobbiadene. “Alzheimer’s Pedemontano Itinerant Coffee” will restart in May and will in 2022 affect Loria, Vedelago, Riese Pio X ° and Valdobbiadene. The territorial project, born of the synergy between Prealpina Group of Cavaso del Tomba and … Read more

Forget suede! If you suffer from high cholesterol, this is the best type of coffee you can drink to avoid increased heart risk.

Different types of coffee will lead to different effects on the cholesterol levels present in the blood, even different between men and women, let’s see together why. @ zmeika / Keep your own in mind cholesterol levels next time you want to drink a cup coffee It can be crucial if you want to … Read more

Acrylamide: the carcinogen we eat every day

When it comes to food quality and safety, there is one topic that has caused great concern among researchers for a few years. Called acrylamide. It has neurotoxic (damage to the central and peripheral nervous system), cytotoxic (harmful effects on cells) and carcinogenic effects. Europe has also introduced a regulation to reduce the amounts in … Read more

Dandelion coffee, the decaffeinated alternative to be prepared free of charge from the dandelion

Easy to prepare and good to taste, dandelion coffee is the right alternative to the classic coffee. Let us find out all the benefits, properties and how to make this drink from dandelion at home. © Larisa69 / 123rf Coffee off dandelion it is a coffee, but without caffeine, for this reason, along with chicory … Read more