Centrifuges and fruit and vegetable extracts, the healthy alternative to coffee

There is coffee, cappuccino, juices, teas and herbal teas and then there are fruit and vegetable juices. Hearty drinks chosen by more and more customers at the bar for breakfast, lunch and snacks.

But why are juicers so popular and why are they so good? Here’s everything you need to know about these health and formalized drinks.

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What is a centrifuge

There are several ways to define this concentration of well-being to drink until the last sip. Centrifuge, centrifuged, extracted? They are the same thing. It is a drink obtained by blending fruits or vegetables through a special tool called an extractor. This has the task of separating the juice and pulp from the peel, creating a 100% natural fruit juice.

The difference between a centrifuge and a smoothie

In the centrifuge, unlike the smoothie, nothing else is added. Only and only fruit. In contrast, fresh milk or alternatives to milk (soy, rice, oat milk, etc.) are added to the smoothie. Then there is the milkshake, which, on the other hand, consists of adding fruit ice cream.

A seasonal drink

The combinations to make a good centrifuge are varied and the beauty is that they vary from season to season, depending on the fruits and vegetables of that period. The centrifuge is therefore a healthy drink to drink all year round, in all seasons, knowing that you are always sipping something new, captivating and full of vitamins for the body.

Have fun with colors

You can really pamper yourself with centrifuges and be inspired by the colors. From the green of cucumber, kiwi, mint, basil, to the orange of carrots and oranges. From the red of strawberry, turnip and pomegranate, to the purple of radicchio, blueberry and blackberry. The centrifuge first conquers the sight and then the palate.

What a charge of energy

The cold extraction of fruits and vegetables, the combinations suggested by the experts, the absence of added sugars and other fatty foods, make centrifuges a panacea to fight seasonal diseases (colds, flu), help fight fatigue, stress, anxiety, promote concentration, helps to feel light but charged throughout the day. For this reason, even nutritionists often recommend this vitamin drink in food programs.


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