Cerva, coffee at the center of an education promoted by the historic Montano Caffè company

6 May 2022 14:22


Coffee at the center of an interesting education promoted by the historical company Montano Caffè. It is the brilliant initiative that is now going on in the well-known factory in the municipality Cerva, in the province Catanzaro. The educational project is characterized by a personal program, aimed at baristas and professionals in the sector or at those who want contact with the coffee world, the inevitable drink that can accompany the days of the Italians and beyond.



IS Salvatore Marco Mazzeiresponsible for quality, to lead the participants through an experience that combines the theoretical part with a concrete practical part, both housed in the heart of the company, within what is the laboratory at the new production facility. They make coffee.


With forty years of honorable service, the historic company continues to reinvent itself and give prestige to the territory, even through this new exciting experience.

“Combining tradition and innovation are the secrets to having a good coffee lets know Salvatore Marco Mazzei– but there are technologies and an adequate use of industry tools and tools that can help make it special “.

“Those who live behind the counter know that offering a product of excellence is the most important business card and truly represents added value.” The course is conducted by the company’s staff and by the external trainer Mariano Seminoone of the most famous professionals in the industry, has a duration of sixteen hours divided into two days of training, during which various efforts are planned to deepen the knowledge of the history of coffee, the difference in aromas between Arabica and Robusta, and more space to organize the work area, understand the correct doses, correct grinding and pressing.

– The handling of the coffee machine is also important, as is proper hygiene. Last but not least- concludes Mazzei- we will introduce the techniques of traditional cappuccino and all its shades. In summary, we will give a general picture of everything related to coffee on the cup ”. The course in question, which provides for the issuance of a certificate of participation, represents the first of a series of initiatives aimed at education and information, as it is the basis of the company’s philosophy of Montano Caffèthe idea is: “Respect comes from knowledge, and knowledge requires commitment, investment, effort. “

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