Chiara White in concert at Le Murate Literary Cafe in Florence

Friday, July 29, 2022 10 p.m., one year after the release of “Pandora“, the second disc of Chiara White for Suburban Sky Records, “Pandora tour“come to Le Murate literary café in Florence for a free Duo concert featuring the singer-songwriter Vincent Vitale on piano and guitar. The task of opening the concert is entrusted to the singer-songwriter Eleonora Betti.

Chiara White says: “I stopped… for a long, long time. My marks have held me hostage for a while … Pandora / Eve, after opening the jar, not yet satisfied, ate the apple … I hated them, fought and then finally accepted and loved them too. It takes very trained arms and a very big heart to be able to hug them, because sometimes they are really mean… and really pissed off. But for now peace is back, I’ve spoiled them enough inside and it’s time to bring them out on stage and finally let you listen to my latest album, Pandora, live! This is what awaits you: (video of the live recording at Circolo Arci Progresso Firenze with the cultural association La Chute)“.

Pandora, recorded at Plastic Sun Studio in Florence by Guido Melis (Diaframma, Underfloor), was anticipated by the single Nero seppiafinalist at the XVI edition of the Bianca d’Aponte Award, a song about the monster of depression:
In fact, monsters are the protagonists of this new work: a concept album, inspired by the myth of Pandora, where each song transforms and transforms monstrous creatures of the collective imagination, belonging to the most varied cultures (from classical, Greek, to Northern European), making them new and modern symbols. A clash with his own demons that, through introspection and music, becomes a meeting and thus catharsis and liberation.

Monsters are part of us, our most uncomfortable, fearful, rebellious parts. Trapped by social conditions or by those we impose on ourselves. They are those voices, scared or angry, screaming or whispering… almost always unheard (like the white one on my first record). They are the mud that we all carry inside and constantly try to ignore. But clay is fertile and makes us alive, it makes us human (in many cultures women and men are born from the earth, from clay). And those voices are the truest, most authentic part of us. I have decided to give space to monsters in my life, to try to integrate them, because I want to be whole … Nietzsche used to say “you want to create a God from your seven demons”

Chiara Cavallina, aka Chiara White (from her mother’s surname, of English origin), she is a Florentine singer-songwriter and performer. From his recording debut (White unheard of), various awards received: winner of Zonta award for the best song by author and by Glocal Sound – Young Author music in the 2018 circuit, semi-finalist at De Andrè Award and advertisement AreaSanremo 2018 and finalist at Proscenium festival 2019. Finally finalist in the XVI edition of Bianca D’Aponte Award and that’s it The artist who wasn’t there in 2021 and winner of second prize in the first edition of Vibra singing competition. Many concerts, including participation in Lilith Festival from Genoa, al Reset festival of Turin, al Chianti festival and advertisement Monina Penthouse (Sanremo 2020), and the inauguration of the concert by Geneva by Marco at Girifalco’s Fortress from Cortona (AR). In addition to being a songwriter, Chiara is an actress in the theater company Gli Weirdospoetess of the group Affluenti, new Florentine poetry, and artistic director, together withLa Chute Cultural Associationof the review of female songwriters Sing me O Diva (performed for several years at ARCI-Progresso in Florence). A life dedicated to research, interior and artistic, but also scientific, in fact Chiara is a doctor in geology and works as a researcher at National Research Council and it is also from this (double… or maybe triple) life that his music is nourished.

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