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(XINHUA) – KUNMING, 07 APR – The city now has approximately 26,700 acres of coffee fields certified by world-renowned brands, such as Nestle and Starbucks.

As one of the first companies to open its own Pu’er coffee factory, Nestle is now marketing high-quality Yunnan coffee beans to a wider market as demand from Chinese consumers increases.

“Over 70% of our beans were exported abroad, but now 70% are sold at home,” explains Zhang Xiong, Deputy Director of Pu’er Tea and Coffee Industrial Development Center.

As a result of new market opportunities, the price of Arabica-quality coffee in the province has risen to over 30 yuan per kilogram while, according to data from the Industrial Development Center, in 2021 the income of individual farmers planting coffee has soared to over 4,000 yuan.

Rising prices have also helped local farmers improve their livelihoods as part of the pressure to revive rural countryside.

The village of Paliang in Pu’er Menglian County has nearly 1,200 acres of coffee plantations, the beans of which are sold to 54 processing plants nearby.

In return, these plants provide training to local farmers for growing and harvesting coffee, and do everything in their power to increase their income.

Na Nu, of Lahu ethnicity, lives in Paliang and sells his coffee beans to a nearby factory called ‘Mengliandaya’ and has earned over 40,000 yuan on his cultivation so far this year.

“Na Nu is an exemplary coffee farmer in his village,” said Dong Yanmei, deputy director of Mengliandaya, adding, “when I came to the village, the villagers barely managed their coffee plantations and the yield per mu was low.”

Thanks to the education and improvement of coffee cultivation, Menglian County has now transformed its cultivations from a low-quality product to a specialty coffee. Every year, the company pays more than 5 million yuan to the villagers to buy their beans. (XINHUA)

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