Ciampino literary cafes start up again with ‘A robba’ by Luigi Proietti Orzella.

“The slow suicide of thousands of young people that we have seen for decades is the consequence of the blindness (but also of calculated economic interest) of those who have opened the doors to a life system that rests on a false well-being, linked to the superfluous, which has upset the values ​​of coexistence and respect between people for the worse… “. So writes Luigi Proietti Orzella of Ciampino on the back of the small but significant book entitled “‘A robba”. Presented within the “Literary Coffee” initiatives of the Ciampino Pro Loco, headed by Eleonora A. Persico, the “Pietro Nenni” Council Chamber was for the moment full of citizens attentive to the sensitive subject under discussion.

The event, taken in its entirety by the video technician Marco Mattiacci, saw the presence of the mayor Emanuela Colella who came with her greetings and thanked the author: “… for her valuable social contribution with the publication of the songs, or with her experiences and testimonies turned into prose, messages that allowed us to open a moment of reflection on such an important issue, which we intend to address, and involve the various responsible bodies, including ASL, to tackle the problem of drug addiction more profoundly “.

The evening was enriched by the intervention of literary critic Tarcisio Scollato who offered several ideas to consider, including the importance of meditation for everyone and an essential concept, the authentic meaning of happiness. Teenagers, young people are looking for happiness, but Professor Scollato urges us to ask ourselves what it really is. A word that comes from the Greek whose meaning is Do, To produce and the etymology gives us back an unprecedented value of the term, it involves fundamental aspects of the world of youth that must give meaning to growth, to life.

Between one intervention and the next, short readings of the book were interspersed, an excerpt for each moving story: of the addict’s presumption and selfishness, of the disease that makes the bill pay and condemnation, of the growing deterioration of the family, of prejudice that destroys a life, of dishonest and opportunistic social workers, about lack of consideration in the educator’s work, about the extreme and devastating loneliness, about therapeutic endurance. Eight songs, a book with a captivating cover of the Pied Piper that enchants, fascinates children; a display of more or less strong brushstrokes of life, where deep stories emerge, emotional facts involving, between news and story; a read rich in dialogue, fluid, within everyone’s reach; storytelling that wants to bring out how basic listening and human warmth are, to continue to hide this reality “will mean witnessing the loss of so many young people from whom a deadly dream steals their existence”. And the stories that are presented want to open our eyes, so be a contribution to see, to intervene; they are selected stories, extrapolated from the reality close to many young people the author has known. But Luigi does not stop at the stories he has lived, he informs with data in hand how serious the intense activity of criminal organizations and their income from the drug trade is.

Graduate in educational science, trainer in various structures for the recovery of drug addicts, reception and deposit for minor migrants, Luigi Proietti Orzella underlined in his speech how the world of drugs is a neglected world and that instead it should worry every parent.

The closing evening offered a lively confrontation with the audience present, interventions to which the author responded, who at the end of the meeting distributed his work. The initiative is part of the project “Ciampino city that reads” and the accession of the Pro Loco to the “Pact for reading”, an agreement signed with the municipal administration, explains the president Eleonora Persico, “will give a decisive impulse to reading as an essential elements for the growth of citizenship at the human and civil level”.

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