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There are definitely more suitable and adequate ways to clean the mocha and ensure that the coffee rises again as it should. How you should always proceed.

A mocha ready for coffee (Pixabay)


Clean suede it is not something we should do in the same way as we clean other dishes. In this case, we are talking about something special. The coffee machine has undergone several evolutions over time, from its cylindrical shape to adopting a more accurate hourglass shape.

But both with the old and with the new machines, cleaning suede is ultimately an operation that must be done with diligence and care, to avoid any inconvenience. Inconveniences like voiding what it is its correct functioning.

In fact, not cleaning suede, or doing it improperly, means that the limestone pavements, of settled coffee or other, bring the coffee we are preparing at that moment to not raise properly. Most often, it happens that the procedure is much slower than usual or that it is even interrupted.

Clean suede, how to with baking soda, vinegar and citric acid

A coffee maker
A coffee maker (Pixabay)

And this precisely because of the blocking of the channel which should instead allow the water to mix with the grains and bring the boiling mixture to the top. The taste and texture of the coffee is also slightly negatively affected by all of this. What do we need to do?

There is no reason to throw away the suede and buy a new one. If anything, we can intervene to bring it back to its ancient glory. We will need the following ingredients to be able to apply different methods thanks to which we can properly clean the mocha from the inside:

  • White wine vinegar;
  • citric acid;
  • sodium bicarbonate;
  • empty coffee;

Let’s take it apart piece by piece earm ourselves with a needle or pin to release any holes blocked by the piece that channels the water towards the top of the coffee maker. Also pay attention to the gasket: if it is damaged, it must be replaced, for a cost that removes only a few tens of euro cents.

Never use detergent

Then clean everything with three tablespoons of white wine vinegar, dip the mocha pieces in a bowl with this ingredient and with warm water. In the amount required to fill the container halfway. Leave it for up to an hour, then rinse and brew without coffee, just to complete the cleaning process.

Similarly, we can use citric acid instead of vinegar. Or baking powder, in the amount of just one teaspoon. At the end, always make a coffee empty, that is, by just letting the water rise. And your suede will be as good as new.

And finally, you should never forget the main rule when it comes to cleaning your coffee machine. That is, you shouldn’t under no circumstances use detergent. And this is because traces of the product may remain noticeable during the preparation of subsequent coffee.

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