Clothes, shoes, newspapers and coffee “Everyone pays here with paper”

In the gallery’s stores, the use of electronic transactions was already enormous, but some store owners complain about certain technical problems during rush hour.


The payment system with Pos is now dominant in the stores in the Iper di Montebello shopping center. The large-scale spread of electronic payments affects the majority of companies, from large clothing chains to newspaper shops and cafés.

the traders speak

Tommaso Paone, from Terranova, a clothing brand for all ages, confirms POS ‘dominance in payments: «As a percentage, I would say that we are 70% of customers who use electronic payment. For us, it is an advantage, we have to make fewer deposits at the bank and also it helps us to avoid payments with counterfeit banknotes. Maybe in a hurry it can happen that fake money is accepted, even though you have the tools to recognize them ». However, technical problems with Pos are not so rare in Terranova: «They often get stuck due to the lack of line. It takes place on Saturdays or Sundays, when there are many customers. I think it’s because many people use it at the same time, which creates an overload on the lines ».

Elisa, an employee of the clothing store Yamamay, confirms the trend: «With us, payment via Pos has become a consolidated practice. Of course it facilitates our work, we must not waste too much time giving the rest. We encountered some technical problems, but we equipped ourselves with two Pos, so we immediately had the spare part ready in case of emergency ».

Elisa Triscari, an employee at Geox, sticks to the topic of major brands and points out the benefits of payments via Pos: “For us, everything is much more practical and convenient. We do not have to pay in that much cash, we used to go to the bank more than once a week. As for problems with Pos, we happened to have some complications with some new cards that did not have the Maestro circuit ».

Even at Marella, the clothing chain for the Max Mara group, Pos is king: «At present, I would say that 85% of the people who come to buy from us use it. In this way, we have definitely avoided the risk of counterfeit banknotes. I have not encountered any special technical problems, then the customer with suitable apps can immediately check that the payment has been made “, explains Simona employee.

In the newspaper bookstore, Mondadori Point, electronic payments are also gaining momentum in small expenses, such as the daily newspaper: “Within a year, the use of POS has practically doubled – Davide emphasizes – in this sense, I think it also affected the campaign against the use. of cash during the pandemic for a hygiene issue.The advantage for us is that those who pay by credit card can afford to spend more ».

In the “101 Caffè” store, manager Arianna Paluzzi highlights the habit of using cards and ATMs: “The fact that you no longer have to enter the PIN code within a certain expenditure volume has increased the use of electronic payment among our customers. There are no technical problems. some companies do not operate contactlessly, so you have to insert the card with the microchip. Sometimes the expenditure ceiling varies where it is not necessary to enter the PIN code “.—


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