Cocaine in the bathrooms, Old Wood Caffè in Lissone closed

Old Wood Caffè di Lissone closed by agents from Monza police headquarters after being found in cocaine and hashish baths

Drugs in the bathrooms, Old Wood Cafe closed

In the morning today, Saturday 23 July, the agents of the Monza and Brianza police headquarters of the Administrative and Security Police (UPAS) and the Carabinieri Station in Lissone carried out the closure for 30 days against the Old Wood Caffè in Lissone after the discovery of drugs inside the room.

The precautionary measure ordered by the Questore of the Province of Monza and Brianza Marco Odorisio for reasons of public order and security.

Cocaine and hashish in the bathrooms

The decision was taken in particular after an extraordinary inspection of the territory held yesterday, Friday, from the Carabinieri Station in Lissone right at the Old Wood Caffè, during which the military found and seized inside the bar a large quantity of narcotic substances, more particularly cocaine and hashish, hidden in a wastebasket in the local toilets.

During the aforementioned control, several subjects were identified with police precedents for the crimes of fighting, damage and destruction, grand theft, destruction and defilement of other people’s belongings, interruption of a service or public service, drug trafficking, outrage and resistance to a public official, receiving stolen goods , driving under the influence, trespassing, administrative violations for personal use of drugs, personal preventive measures, respectively Mandatory street sheet and Prohibition of access to public facilities.

Also alcohol for minors

Furthermore, from further investigations, monitoring the Instagram page, it emerged that inside the bar the owner did not hesitate to administer alcoholic beverages to minors who were served liquor without anyone asking them for the documents to verify the older age.

From further investigations there ishow many, within the framework of previous territorial control services carried out in May, February and January 2022,Ventures with police records for crimes such as theft, vandalism, insult, violence or threats against a public official, driving under the influence, drug trafficking, damage, extortion, driving under the influence, harassment and disturbance of persons, and administrative violations for personal use of narcotic substances.

Old Wood Café closed for 30 days

During the investigation, it emerged that already in June last year, on the bar’s table outside, a customer was attacked by two customers occupying a table near him, who, after threatening him, without reason, attacked him and caused a fracture. of the nasal bones with a prognosis of 20 days, and then death threats to the victim’s daughter.

In order to protect people’s safety, the police chief of the province of Monza and Brianza has therefore ordered the suspension of operations with closure for 30 days.

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