Coffee, a ritual that unites us every day. On the occasion of International Coffee Day, a video that tells the values ​​of the cup that we all love

To its goodness, to the tradition and culture it preserves, to the unique flavor it can give to every moment of our day. But also to those who produce it, to those who are passionate about it, to those who prepare it for others always with a smile. Every year, in all countries, the International Coffee Day is celebrated on October 1, dedicated to him and his whole world. Yes, because coffee, especially for us Italians, is much more than a drink. It is a ritual that unites us every day, an integral part of our culture and an important engine of our economy. These will be the themes outlined by the Coffee Promotion Consortium in a new video manifesto, online on the Consortium’s channels starting October 1. But let’s find out more about the most loved drink in the world.

A cup with numbers
What we find every day in our cup is the result of a long and fascinating journey, made of passion, craftsmanship, various preparations linked to territoriality and traditions. In fact, Italy has been importing raw materials for a long time and selecting it, mixing it, roasting it, decorating it, giving it added value and an unmistakable “savoir-faire”.

“Thanks to the history of roasting and the constant search for quality, coffee made in Italy is recognized worldwide,” said Michele Monzini, president of the Coffee Promotion Consortium. “In Italy there are around 800 roasteries present, for a global turnover of around 4 billion: figures that show how much coffee, especially espresso, is a unique cultural heritage for us. 60% of the roasted coffee in Italy is exported. Of this share, 60% is intended for the European Community and 40% for non-European countries. Thanks to the invention of specific espresso blends, our roasters are internationally recognized, a reputation that is also shared by the manufacturers of espresso machines. The continuous search for quality and the highest technology in production equipment have made Italian coffee a true product of excellence”.

According to the latest ISTAT data, coffee exports have increased by 13% (5.6 million bags), along with apparent consumption, which has increased by 4.2%. In addition, the data processed by the Italian Coffee Committee for the period January / December 2021 show +9.2% of the coffee processed in Italy (10.1 million bags) compared to the same period last year.

A tangible growth, despite the now well-known national economic scenario, which is reflected in the entire supply chain and spreads uncertainty and anxiety in all sectors.

The Italians, true coffee lovers
There are 7 out of 10 Italians who consider coffee one of life’s pleasures and more than 9 out of 10 who define themselves as habitual drinkers. This is the photograph resulting from an analysis by AstraRicerche commissioned by the Coffee Promotion Consortium, which tells the Italians’ relationship with the cup. And if there are different ways to prepare it and the places where everyone prefers to taste it, the Italians all agree on one thing: over 64% will continue to drink it in the future and even one in four will increase their consumption. And not only for its unique taste, but for all the sensations, the values ​​associated with it and for the many and recognized properties associated with the drink.

“Coffee is a real ally for our well-being. It is good for the liver, for digestion and is also good for the heart, “says nutritionist biologist Martina Donegani” even the latest scientific evidence suggests that it can also help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. And it is also an ally for sports performance, especially in terms of endurance and aerobic activities”.

The champion Valentina Giacinti is also convinced that coffee and sports are a winning combination, three times top scorer in Serie A football, in force in the national team, a true coffee lover. For her, coffee is a boost of physical and mental energy, crucial in her sporting life.

“As many know, coffee can also be an ally for us athletes, because it helps us stay focused and give our best” Valentina tells us “for this reason, one of the moments when I prefer to drink it is before every training session or a game: it’s a real routine … Of course I love to drink coffee on other occasions too, for example with friends or with my grandmother, when we share special moments. Its aroma for me means family and rituals. I I’m looking for, the relaxation, the pleasure of sharing and even the little moment to give myself alone”.

Coffee, a ritual that unites us: the video poster to celebrate International Coffee Day

All these different souls, all the values ​​that the most beloved drink of Italians brings with it, are told in an engaging and exciting way in the video poster of the Coffee Promotion Consortium, which will be available online from October 1st. International Coffee Day.

In the video, the journey of coffee from the bean in the fields to the cup on our table is intertwined with the day in all of our lives, from waking up to the most excited moment of the day (which consists of study, work, leisure, relaxation) until we go to sleep .

The scenes follow each other quickly following the fast and energetic rhythm of one of the most famous musical arias – made in Italy – in the world, the last overture of Guglielmo Tell by Gioacchino Rossini, a great coffee lover. The images of the skillful processes of production and processing of the bean are met with many faces and many stories where coffee is always present, as a passion that crosses generations, as a culture that belongs to our DNA and as a ritual that we replicate several times every day and it unites us all.

The video will be publicly available from October 1, on the occasion of World Coffee Day, on the website and on the social channels of Consorzio Promozione Caffè and on the Unione Italiana Food YouTube channel:

Italian Food Union YouTube channel:

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