Coffee, an increasingly expensive pleasure

The price of the cup also runs a strong risk of rising. Here the war has nothing to do with the matter: the problem comes from abroad. Yes, the problems: transportation costs and speculation on everyone. But the result is always the same: increased costs for Italian consumers. An increase that has already begun to be felt for several weeks, and which now risks reaching a critical point. With many baristas who, if there is no turnaround, may find themselves forced to raise the cost of the cup of coffee, which has now practically reached one euro and twenty cents.

The possibility that the coffee in the bar reaches 1.30 € is very large; more difficult, on the other hand, to believe that one and a half euros could even be reached, as has also been suggested by some exhibitors in nearby Padua.

To explain the dynamics of the coffee market, there is an operator from Polesine, who has only been involved with this product for a lifetime. “What matters – he says and asks to be anonymous – is the increase in transport costs, therefore the costs of fuel but also the cost of chartering the cargo ships sailing on the seas. A general increase, on all routes: after all, coffee comes mainly from Central America and Africa, but more recently also from India and Vietnam, depending on the quality “.

But that’s not all. There is also a supply problem – the Polesano operator reveals. In short, coffee is in short supply: “Many importers have run out of stock, there are empty stocks. There are coffee roasteries that have changed their recipes, because certain qualities of coffee are really unavailable at the moment “. The mixtures therefore change, so even the taste of the coffee we drink in the bar may differ from what we are used to: those who sell coffee of poor or low quality, because they can not find anything else. There are also cases of this kind “, says the Polesano operator.

It all depends “From a very specific speculation, operating on a global level: there are those who took advantage of this moment, so special, to replenish and limit the amount in circulation to raise prices. It is a financial game, if we want to put it that way, which causes commodity prices to skyrocket ”. Prices that will rise again: “Because the end consumer is also burdened with the higher costs for energy, and thus for transport, conversion and even administration. Not to mention the packaging: at the moment, not even the plastic bags for packaging can be found “.

In recent weeks, the “wholesale price of coffee has risen by as much as 10%: we are talking about a couple of euros per kilo, on average of the 25 euros per kilo that was exchanged for last autumn, ”concludes the Polish commercial operator.

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