Coffee and buffalo ricotta cake to finish the campaign

What is certain is that the cursed breeders of the unified coordination in defense of the buffalo heritage Caserta do not lack the imagination and the desire to joke about it. To bring it out, the chef of a thousand battles for the farmers Gianni Fabbris, who has gone from the time of Monsieur Bovet to fasting for other breeders of Metapontino. And so for the closing of the electoral companion for politics, he had a crumb cake prepared with buffalo milk ricotta and a coffee for the parliamentarian, ex-magistrate and ex-mayor of Naples Luigi De Magistris, determined to win one or more seats in Parliament. And he will bring with him the folder with the story of the breeders of Casertano, against which the silence of the region of Campania and the Ministries of Health (Minister Speranza is a candidate in Campania) and Agriculture persists. But MEP Piernicola Pedicini, who has been following the events in the buffalo sector for some time, will also intervene at Borgo Appio. After the mozzarella and wine cake from Campania Felix …


Borgo Appio, 22.9.22 at 1 p.m

Luigi De Magistris and Piernicola Pedicini participate in the Bureau. Then the documents and conclusions.

With a coffee accompanied by the amazing crumbly cake with buffalo ricotta made by Anna Esposito (one of the many women in the Salviamo le Bufale movement), it opens at 8.30 (Davin Bar near Borgo Appio / xH7LzLMqwdof9Xrc6 ) the last of the events planned in the calendar for audience ratings at the Presidium of the Farmers within the #veladiamonoilacampagnaeletorale initiative.

On Friday morning, it is Luigi De Magistris, national leader of the Unione Popolare, who will speak after a delegation from his political formation had already met the breeders with the candidates Renato Delle Femine and Elena Coccia.

The Unione Popolare delegation had already had the opportunity to express its share and support for the proposals of the Breeders’ Movement and, as has already happened with the other national political leaders who participated in the Borgo Appio Presidium, Luigi De Magistris will have the opportunity to place this support in its proposal for the national election campaign, which targets all rural areas in the country.

Luigi De Magistri’s speech will be preceded by a message from MEP Piernicola Pedicini who will announce the organization in Brussels of an event dedicated to the dispute to save buffalo where breeders will be able to contact the European authorities, parliamentarians and communities directly. Italian citizens abroad. Piernicola Pedicini also announced his speech on the Italian election affair and addressed his appeal to Italian farmers and citizens.

The event on Friday morning concludes the week’s meetings where Gianluigi Paragone for Italexit, Fabrizio Trentacoste for Civic Commitment – with Di Maio, Antonio Del Monaco and Agostino Santillo for 5 Star Movement alternated with different appointments.

Nine were therefore the political forces that with their representatives met the peasants in the garrison with a presence of over thirty political representatives. The unity coordination, which has already prepared the evaluation document on the election campaign, will make it public starting at 10 a.m. on Friday, September 23, as soon as the last of the scheduled meetings has finished, announcing, as of now, a first evaluation: “the fate of those who work in the fields, in the stables and in the sea are very removed from the election campaign where the issues of the country have been absolutely underestimated if not escaped; the need to change against the political choices that have led to rural families, workers involved in the food supply chain, citizens in their right to healthy, nutritious and territorially related food has practically not been noticed except for the answers that, although they came to our initiative and we are grateful to those who wanted to give them, as well as we regret the lack of answers from those who obviously did not feel the urgency and duty This makes the appeal to all political forces even more timely for the next Parliament to lead a strong and adequate discussion about how to put the fate of our agri-food industry, of the land and the sea and of the many families involved every day, at the center of the political debate. with their fierce commitment and sacrifice to provide food” .

Precisely for this purpose, the unified coordination organized a national online event on Friday evening at 21.00 to start the call to civil society, citizens and those who live from the work of the earth and the sea to join a strong initiative that the agenda of public opinion and politics is the theme of the new agrarian reform that can reverse the trend towards the crisis where the many rural areas of the country is held together by those who suffer from the right to food.

September 23 is also the day of the Global Climate Strike organized by the youth of the Fryday For Future movement and a delegation from the Movement will, after the meeting with De Magistris, go to Naples to participate in their mobilization and launch the invitation to join a struggle that must see together the reasons for protecting the environment and work, unite them in the commitment to defend the earth.

In the afternoon today (September 22), the coordination will publish a press release with the schedule and conditions of the online forum/event that can be seen on the social channels of the movement starting from the facebook pages (https:// / altragricoltura) and youtube (https://

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