Coffee and lemon: for overrated drinks?

Coffee and lemon is a drink with known benefits, but can it be overestimated? Let’s see what the experts say about this.

Coffee and Lemon (Pexels)

From the various scientific evidences, and even earlier from popular knowledge, we know that coffee it has benefits on our health. In a similar way, but for different reasons lemon is good for our health. Many people apply the rule of combining two or more healthy things to create an incredible mix of benefits.

With some things it works very well, with others less. Substances in one food come in contact with the other and this is not always a good solution. Do not worry, when it comes to coffee and lemon, it is an absolutely positive association that really gives our body benefits. But maybe, over time, this drink Was it a little too overrated?

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Let’s see below what science knows about property of one and the other and those released if these two foods are found together.

Coffee and lemon: the properties

coffee and lemon
Coffee and lemon (Pixabay)

Coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world and there is no doubt about this. Researchers have been studying its properties for a long time and have come to the conclusion that it lowers blood sugar, keeps cholesterol under control, has huge benefits if you do not exceed three cups a day. Lemon, on the other hand, is used in the kitchen for fish and meat dishes, as an ingredient in desserts, when cleaning. Therefore, it is antibacterial, antifungal and full of vitamins.

Combining these great potentials should increase the effectiveness of the drink. But let’s see if this really is the case by analyzing the known benefits of the real ones documented by experts:

  • Relieves headaches? Headaches are very common and everyone experiences it sooner or later, but are coffee and lemon really a cure in this case? Experts say no. Actually, what relieves the pain is the property of caffeine to reduce the blood supply to the brain and thus reduce the pain, but it is not the combination of coffee and lemon that works;
  • Helps dissolve fat? From the completed studies, there is clear evidence that caffeine can dissolve excess fat by increasing the metabolism up to three hours after taking it. However, there is not the same scientific evidence for lemon. Although it is obvious that lemon provides an important diuretic effect for the well-being of the organism;
  • Can it handle diarrhea? Coffee and lemon are not good for diarrhea. Both prefer to go to the toilet, so there is no solution to try to calm this condition.

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As you have seen, the benefits are there based on the properties of one or the other food, but it is important to be aware that this drink does not work miracles as is often said.

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