Coffee break: why it’s important for productivity at work

where coffee at work it is not a waste of time, on the contrary, it is a very important moment that even helps to increase productivity. Thanks to the relaxation and energy boost that comes from being able to enjoy a good coffee at the machine, you can reduce the stress in the office and at the same time you have the opportunity to market socializing with colleagues: two factors that contribute to increasing performance in the workplace. To say that it is even a scientific research, carried out by researchers from the University of Copenhagen led by Pernille Stroebaek; the results of the survey were revealed through the journal Symbolic Interaction.

I study

Research saw participation of certain public employees and made it possible to verify that the formation of groups of colleagues in the bar or in front of the coffee machines in the office leads to a real therapeutic effect thanks to which it is easier to deal with stress at work. According to researchers, breaks of this type play a role of fundamental importance from a socialization point of view also because they prefer the exchange of views, not only of a professional nature. At the same time, you can take advantage of precious moments to relieve the tension that usually comes from hours and hours of fatigue and work.

How many coffees to drink

Consequently, the coffee break can be considered a time during the working day can significantly improve productivity. On one condition, however, and that is that you do not exceed the number of coffees drunk each day. The ideal would be to stop at a maximum of 4 coffees per day, at least according to the results of a research published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings. It actually seems that with more than 4 cups a day the health of people under 55 is seriously threatened. This study is the result of a collaboration between the University of South Carolina in the USA and the University of Queensland in Australia; well, it has been shown that exceeding the doses mentioned above increases the probability of death from any cause by over 50%. Such riskon the other hand, it does not seem to exist for people over 55 years of age.

Scientific research on coffee

Long live coffee, therefore, but without exaggeration. Over time, there have been many studies that have analyzed the value of breaks at work, such as the one conducted by the Department of Psychology at New York University. In that case, the investigation, overseen by Lila Davachi, had made it possible to discover it the brain has the ability to recover thanks to the breaks and consequently he is placed in the conditions to perform more and better; which has positive repercussions from a productivity point of view in the workplace.

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