“Coffee concert abandoned, coviden an apology” – Chronicle

by Gianpaolo Annese

He referred to “the interruption in the public service due to the prolonged closure of the premises with the excuse for covid”, but also the “interruption in the auction” due to the project that should have been carried out not implemented. and instead has not started anything yet “). Lega councilor Giovanni Bertoldi on the fate of Caffè Concerto, the site overlooking Piazza Grande, attacked the administration and councilor Andrea Bosi straight out and urged him to” apologize to the city and sprinkle his head with ashes “. Words so harsh that they prompted City Council President Fabio Poggi to remind Bertoldi of his role as a public servant:” Contact the judicial authority if you are convinced of the statements you have made. It’s your duty. “In the classroom, Bertoldi remarked that it is” obvious to all states of decommissioning and abandonment of a room in a Unesco site that the days when it is closed are more than the days when it is open, “and he said a number of questions, exactly 21, including: “Has the municipality respected the commitments it has made with those who have been assigned to the management? Checks have been made on the payments from the autonomous power plants for gas, water and electricity, in view of previous disputes involving the former managers of the premises? Do the works that will actually be performed coincide with those that are presented? “And again:” The concessionaire has kept the property in the best conditions, as it was at the time of delivery? Why was the place open for a long time only 3 nights a week, while it was adopted in the management project of that place (and this has secured him many points for beating his rivals in the race) to stay open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year ? “.

‘Requisitoria’ to which Commissioner Bosi replied and announced that “The Concert Café is now regularly open every day, following the difficulties created by the effects of the pandemic, and at the end of the work on the electricity networks in the City Hall it will be able to begin the planned restructuring for which it has already received the green light from the Authority “. In particular, Bosi added, the building’s energy efficiency work, which started late due to the events of recent years (from covid to the rise in the price of raw materials) “is now progressing at a good pace”.

Regarding possible financial shortcomings, the Commissioner specified that “the concessionaire Rrem follows the payments from public utilities and has paid the fees to be paid (the installment of the installment for March 2022 has been requested) and has received the Tari reductions for covid (more than 5 thousand euros between 2020 and 2021) “. As for the furnishings, in the first phase of the intervention “they were restored and readjusted pending the compensation provided for in the new project. The decommissioned ones were transferred to the municipal depot at the expense of the trustee”. Bosi also recalled the terms of the award: “Rrem received a total of 75 points for the technical offer (the articulation gave points for the facility and service, staff, range of products and menu, cultural initiatives) and 13,184 for the financial, compared to an increase of 37 , 70 percent, second best among the participants “.

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