Coffee, goodbye suede: more and more Italians prefer the coffee machine

Milan on March 9, 2022 – The coffee remains the same: warm, creamy and aromatic. What is changing is the way of preparing it in one of the countries in the world that most of all would never give up one good espressoboth at the bar and at home.

Coffee consumption: how flavors change in Italy

This is what emerged from the interesting infographic created by Neroristretto, a dynamic Made in Italy company specializing in the production and direct sales of compatible capsules and capsules for espresso and hot drinks. What has changed between the habits of the Italians regarding the sanctity of coffee? What are the new trends in taste and palate in the espresso area? We find out in this in-depth study.

Not just Moka

Would you ever have thought that our beloved and revered Moka could be accompanied, especially at home, by espresso coffee machine and capsules? If you are an incurable romantic of coffee made with Moka, you probably do not think.

But from the information that emerged our habits have changed, which shows the fact that Italians are not only fanatics of food and drink but also attentive connoisseurs and more than demanding palates. So innovations are always welcome as long as they can satisfy and to sublimate our taste with valid and deserved alternatives.

Data on coffee consumption: the number of users of capsules and capsules is increasing

In 2014, Moka was the main method used by the majority of Italians to make good coffee at home. In 2021, however, the scenario is almost completely reversed because, next to one 37% of Moka users he deserved it 11 percentage points coffee prepared with the capsule and capsule machine.

The reasons for this change can be many and among these we can mention the desire to include the quality of espresso as good as at the bar or the urge to indulge in other beverages, such as a good creamy cappuccino, without necessarily having to move away from home.

The other coffee consumption habits in Italy

These data do not sanction Moka’s sunset but simply, the entrance to the coffee machines in capsules and capsules in our consumer basket. If we look at other data in the infographic, it actually appears that together with espresso there are many other drinks that we love to treat ourselves to during the day, including ginseng, barley, cappuccino and Moroccan. For the more determined palates, on the other hand, the varieties of espresso continue to exist, including the strong coffee, the long, the macchiato and the right to digest a hearty meal.

What has not changed?

The coffee remains a staple to socialize, welcome a guest or take a break. It continues to be the little daily escape, the calorie-reduced break or the excuse to have a chat with a loved one we haven’t seen in a long time. 1 in 2 Italians continue to start the day with coffee and consider it a moment of conviviality, self-care, an energy explosion or a mandatory step to breakfast.

Whether it is cooked with Moka or with one latest generation waffle maker Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in Italian homes and offices. This is (perhaps) the only fact that, despite the evolutions and upheavals that are taking place in our country, will remain where it is: espresso coffee is the drink we will never give up.

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