Coffee grounds can be used in a way you do not expect

Not only as an insecticide, fertilizer and natural repellent, coffee and its swamp are an excellent ingredient for a thousand uses in the home and for body care.

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All the most skilled housewives and gardeners will explain to you that coffee, or rather I coffee groundsare excellent fertilizers for plants and natural pesticides.

To be added to the soil of geraniums, roses, camellias and azaleas but also tomatoes, carrots and aromatic herbs, they stimulate growth and flowering.

Also inserted a little in the nose it would drive away insects and snails ready to devour the leaves of plants but also ants and bedbugs from wanting to enter the house if piles or bags of coffee powder are strategically placed near doors and windows.

However, the benefits of coffee grounds do not end there, in fact if you think that this magical ingredient has so few properties then you are wrong. Let us now try to list many other uses at home and in beauty that you have missed so far. Are you curious?

Coffee grounds with a thousand uses, including beauty and help with household cleaning

  • Did you know that it is an ancient practice to use coffee grounds to heal the skin? Together with white yoghurt or honey, it is suitable for making excellent massage scrub for face and legs to eliminate dead cell phones and give firmness to dull skin during the winter months.
Kaffesump thousand uses beauty cleanser
Coffee Facial Scrub (Photo by Wayhome Studio AdobeStock)
  • Coffee grounds in hot water also give excellent results footbath before exposing your feet to the outdoors with braces and cleavage.
  • Added to shampoo lets you have a colored cream that gives your hair a kind of very nice warm hazelnut reflection.
  • They are also great anti-odor to be put in the drawers on the cabinets and in the car inside cotton bags, or even in the fridge in glass jars that are open at the bottom of the central shelf to camouflage unpleasant aromas (fish, cheese, game, etc.) that can affect more delicate dishes.
  • Good for pale bathroom fittings, then toilet and sink. Just rub it with a damp sponge and warm water and you are done.
Kaffesump thousand uses beauty cleanser
Coffee to revive the color of the wood (Photo by fotoduets AdobeStock)
  • Remove any deposits from the hobjust wipe off a handful of coffee grounds with a damp cloth on the surface.
  • Finally, it allows you to revive the color of wooden furniture and hide scratches, just put a damp cloth in a tub of warm water where you have added a few teaspoons of coffee grounds

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