Coffee grounds in the fridge, because everyone is starting to do it: the unthinkable happens

Coffee grounds can have several uses even if they are only stored in the refrigerator. Let’s see why we start doing that.

Coffee grounds in the fridge –

Do you throw away the coffee grounds? You are wrong because its uses at home can be multiple and astonishing.

Coffee grounds: why they should not be thrown away

Coffee grounds should never be thrown away. How many Italians continue to do coffee with suede? Certainly many. And how many of them continue to throw away the coffee grounds from the newly made machine? So many.

Throwing coffee grounds is a bad idea because they are very useful in so many fantastic uses both at home and in the garden and outside. Did you know, for example, that coffee grounds can become an excellent skin scrub? To see is to believe in the shower. To switch to a use that our grandmothers handed over, start putting the coffee grounds in the fridge. Let’s see how to do it and what happens if you do.

Why put them in the fridge?

First put on a nice suede, let it ferment and enjoy your freshly brewed coffee, in the peace of your kitchen. If you want to offer a cup to whoever you want. After the machine has cooled down, continue to clean it. Empty the coffee grounds into a cup or bowl.

chilled coffee grounds
chilled coffee grounds –

The cup with the coffee grounds should be placed in the fridge, preferably on top. What will it do? The purpose is to collect bad odors that may develop in your appliance. Just one night in the fridge is enough so that you already feel a noticeable difference in smell. However, if you want to leave them fixed, remember to replace them from time to time. To see is to believe, in short!

In fact, bad odors can be removed thanks to coffee grounds also from other environments. An example? From the car. In this case, the funds will be placed in a small bag and closed with a ribbon. Among the bad smells that are removed, for example, that of cigarette smoke stands out.

coffee grounds
kaffesump –

Even from the hands a particularly bad odor can be removed. If you have ever handled fish for cooking, fillets and so on, the smell may have stuck to you, even though you washed with soap. If you rub a coffee grounds between your hands and then rinse thoroughly with water, you will find that your hands smell and the fishy smell will have disappeared.

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