Coffee, let’s discover the Aroma plus machine

Aroma plus, the review by Claudio Calvisi in the meeting with the column “Ah che bell’o caffè”. Claudio Calvisi he is our roasting “guru”, who has passionately studied the coffee sector for 10 years, so much so that he has created a YouTube channel, 99 Coffee, which has almost one million subscribers.

Aroma plus is an aesthetically unique machine, the spearhead of the Aroma Macchine series, 100% made in Italy. In the version for sale on the website of Claudio Calvisi There are also some improvements such as the grille that prevent drops from falling into the center without soiling it. A grid designed and constructed by Calvisi together with a boy from the Fab lab at the University of L’Aquila.

Incidentally, at first glance, the machine has the dimensions that could shift; the fact that it is so compact makes the machine seem unprofessional and more of a compromise for those with space problems (kitchenette, motorhome, etc.) in reality, as we will see later, it is just an “aesthetic” issue and you just have to have check it out.

Oh what a beautiful coffee: how Claudio Calvisi’s passion was born

There’s a gift attached to Aroma plus for Claudio Calvisi’s followers, let’s find out in the last video:

aroma plus coffee

Aroma plus, the review by Claudio Calvisi (at this link full review)

Aroma Plus is a very compact machine, it is only 15 cm wide, 24 cm deep and 23 cm high but it is made of a solid steel and the weight is therefore 5 kg, which gives the impression of being very solid; there are few plastic elements and in my opinion this is good. The tank size is 700mlnot very large but it is a glass tank which is a rarity and a merit for me as the glass is easily cleaned, dishwasher safe and does not release elements as it could happen with the plastic tank. Glass is a philosophy for all Aroma machines (except kikko) and is part of the search for environmental sustainability that Aroma Macchine is proud of. The small tank is not very small if you use the machine at home, it only gets small for professional and intensive use, but as you can see in the video, you can easily insert the water intake pipe into a smaller container. extend autonomy. The included power cable is longer than average and I think this aspect is comfortable and it measures 125 cm.

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