Coffee machine for capsules or capsules: how to choose?

Always loved for its unmistakable taste and aroma, it coffee it represents the most appreciated and intoxicated beverage in the world.

But if in the past the undisputed protagonist for his Preparation It was there suedewhich can spread an intoxicating aroma of coffee throughout the house, today they have more and more success coffee machineswhich allows you to prepare a good and creamy coffee in just a few seconds.

But how coffee machines work? And how can you choose the right model? Let us together see all the useful details on the subject.

How to choose a coffee machine: the factors to consider when buying

THE models for the sale of coffee machinesin tubs or capsules, today there are so many, which is why consumers often ask themselves which are best and what factors to consider when choosing.

There is no single answer to these considerations: it is not always easy to decide which unit is better than the other, depending on each person’s personal preferences.

Precisely because the range of coffees is very wide, there are many different ways to make coffee: some prefer black coffee, for example, while others prefer a less intense taste, perhaps a cappuccino with milk prepared with capsules.

In the market you can find different types of coffee machineswhich differ from each other mainly in the preparation method, and therefore also in the price.

With that said, let’s look at some factors to consider before buying a coffee machine, always keeping in mind that the choice stems from your preferences: you want one capsule model?

Let us see the main differences between these solutions.

Capsule or capsule coffee machine: differences and properties

What is the essential difference between a capsule machine and a capsule machine? The answer is simple: type of casing containing the mixture of ground coffee.

In the case of coffee in capsules in fact, it is a plastic or aluminum material, which contains a single dose of sealed coffee and is characterized by different shapes, based on the brand of the machine.

Coffee in baljorinstead, it is enclosed “filter paper” covers (very similar to tea bags).

However, both types have a very similar structure, although the pod systems generally have more square shapes. In addition, they have the classic “filter holder”, in which the capsule or ground coffee is to be inserted.

There are also some components always present in all machines, in particular water tank and the drip tray, with adjustable height.

The presence ofsteam dispenser instead, which allows you to prepare cappuccino and latte macchiato, is an extra feature typical of pod machinesrarely found on devices working with capsules.

The Operation of both types of models are in principle very similar: the water heats up quickly and is brought to temperature in the boiler, then it is sucked by a pump that leads it towards the infusion unit.

The end result it depends mostly on mix choice and personal taste, although both machines can give the coffee the creaminess and aroma typical of ground coffee. From the quality of the coffee, there are therefore no major differences between one or the other machine, both can give an intense and aromatic coffee.

The system of coffee machines

One of the most important factors to consider is the coffee machine’s system or brand, which can have a major impact on the coffee.

The baljor does not pose any compatibility issues with coffee machines: ha standard dimensions they can be used with all types of machines.

The capsulesconversely, they must be chosen with regard to theirs compatibility with the machineespecially if you buy non-original products.

In fact, each system has its own specific characteristics, which are determined by the function of the coffee machine and the specific capsules used.

Among the most important systems we find Nespressoprobably the one that offers the most creamy coffee and close to the “bar”; Lavazza My Wayusing all experience of the historic Italian brand; Sweet tastethanks to the large selection of compatible coffee capsules for all tastes and the ability to prepare other drinks.

Easy to use: how capsule or capsule coffee machines work

The choice of one or the other type of coffee machine must also be taken into account the functionality of the two different models.

In the latter respect, the two typologies are generally almost on the same level, although in some respects capsule coffee machine considered by consumers to be more practical and faster solution: to make coffee with this machine, in fact simply insert the capsule and wait a few seconds until the water heats up, then press the start button and wait another twenty seconds before the machine brews the drink.

Pod systems are not complicated either, but if you want to use the machine with ground coffee, it will be necessary to waste more time by squeezing it with the specific tool that comes with it.

For the rest, the two units are almost identical: all models have a removable refill tank, a water droplet collection tray and the automatic shut-off system, immediately after use.

The versatility of pod coffee machines

The capsule coffee machines are designed exclusively for the preparation of beverages packaged in specific hermetic packaging, the capsules. This means that all beverages that are compatible with the type of machine used can be prepared, of course also coffee.

The pod machineson the other hand, they provide possibility to use ground coffeewith the huge advantage of choosing a wide range of blends and making the coffee personalized to your personal taste, which also determines the length and intensity of the aroma.

They are also devices characterized by the presence of an accompanying pannarello: a kind of steel tube that, by supplying steam, allows you to prepare cappuccino and milk foam. In some models of capsule machines, however, the cappuccinator is also available.

Conclusions: which coffee machine to choose?

Both pod and capsule coffee machines allow you to have a tasty and fragrant coffee, very similar to that in the bar.

If you want speed up dock en capsule machine it may be the best choice.

While if you want more customization, with the possibility of also use ground coffee or prepare a cappuccino and a latte macchiato, the best choice may be one pod machine.

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