Coffee mixology, delicious ideas for every moment

We propose some interesting elaborations of coffee in a good mood taken from the dense Milanese three-day Mixology Experience

A place to meet, discover an often unknown world of coffee, discuss, learn new extraction methods, observe and test new equipment and above all discover through a rich series of workshops, the many uses that coffee (coffee) can have in creating drinks for every moment of the day. All this was Coffee Mixology, within the three-day Milanese Mixology Experience. Baristas and barmen often struggle to communicate with each other and coffee mixology is not yet fully understood, but the interventions of many qualified personalities from the world of coffee and blending have contributed to the dialogue and understanding between the two parties. Starting with more theoretical interventions that told the richness of coffee and the importance of communicating it with Renata Zanon, Andrea Lattuada and Francesco Sanapo. Followed simulation of a coffee competition in Good Spirits Performed by 2022 champion of the category, Andrea Villa. So many interventions with many preparations, offered for tasting in small shots: espresso, cold brew, V60, aeropress and mixology with Davide Spinelli, Ivan Marchese, Francesco Corona, Matteo Beluffi, Valentina Melis. They suggested the coffee in different textures Gianni Cocco and Giuliana Giancano; variations on the theme and reinterpretations of classic cocktails were enjoyed with Mattia Coppo, Andrea Rizzi and Martina Franchini, while Marco Poidomani brought the flavors of Chinese liqueurs and spirits into the shaker.

The beautiful and robust espresso machine Cafe Racer di Sanremo has guaranteed thermal stability and delivers thousands of espressos. Always available to drink directly, with ice or mixed Drink 124, the cold brew ready to drink cold extracted. The containers of the Ceado E37S coffee grinders on demand hosted the coffee of the roasting companies that joined the initiative: LotZero, F. Corona, Ditta Artigianale, Giuliano Caffè, Griso, Moak, Nowhere. A brewing station has always been active with Hario Café’s V60, as well as aeropress, chemex and cold drip, where many visitors have been able to familiarize themselves with alternative extractions and their use in mixology; guaranteed correct grinding on grinder on demand E37 SD Single-Dose from Ceado, with zero retention bellows. The espresso intended for the workshops was made with the new 1-group professional machine You from Sanremo, which allows total control over the extraction parameters.

Cocktail coffee mixology

Comare in Brazil – Davide SpinelliSca Trainer, Consultant, Q Arabica Grader and Im’s Brand Ambassador. Ingredients: 40 ml of espresso made with the Comare Segreta di Griso blend, 15 ml of yellow pepper jam, 30 ml of Rhum Agricole, 20 ml of Vermouth del Professore. Preparation: mix the ingredients without ice and then chill them using the throwing technique; serve in a shallow glass over ice. Garnish with a peppercorn. The drink was born as aperitifbut it is indicated even in the late afternoon and after a meal, especially during the hot season.

Triple C – Eros Schiavonbartender at the cocktail bar Exit Pastificio Urbano – Milan. Ingredients: 40 ml C.alvadose, 15 ml C.homemade liquid salted aramello or Monin (in this case 10), 60 ml Drink 124 C.old brew, 3 dashes angostura. Preparation: pour the ingredients into the blender glass, stir (three/five seconds) and serve in a glass with ice. Decorate with a thin green apple slice. The cocktail was born for one refreshing aperitif moment thanks to its acidic notes contrasting with each other that well introduce the dinner.

1,2,3 – Gianni Cocco, Aicaf coffee master, consultant for companies and clubs. THEingredients: 300 gr filtered water, 200 gr Merendry Bitter Amarena Fabbri, 40 gr Ethiopian coffee. Preparation: pour the water and the bitters into the upper ampoule of the cold drop, drip on the coffee for 5 hours. Pour half of the sour cherry bitters thus obtained into a nitrogen strainer and the other half into a CO2 twist and spark siphon. Pour the drinks of different consistencies into a glass with two “rails”. A slightly alcoholic drink pleasantly fruity suitable for an aperitif; the union of the two textures is astonishing.

Ikawa – designed by Davide Barbieri and made of Michael Ciacciaboth bartenders at La Drogheria – Turin. Ingredients: 22.5 ml Bobby’s gin, 7.5 ml Prince de los Apostoles gin, 80 ml Remera del Rwanda single-origin coffee from Caffè Moak extracted in V60 (ratio: 22 gr coffee and 286 gr water; extraction time 3 minutes and 15 seconds ), 15 ml cardamom syrup. Preparation: mix the ingredients using the tossing technique; serve in a terracotta cup to allow the ingredients to fully express their depth. A nice and unusual aperitif.

Ethiopian Passion – Emanuele Venturabar and shop manager at Ditta Artigianale Sant’Ambrogio. Ingredients: 45 ml Rum Kingston 62 white, 2 dashes Angostura bitters, 25 ml freshly squeezed lime, 25 ml passion fruit syrup, 15 ml Ancho Reyes, 180 ml tonic water, single origin Ethiopia Tirtira by Ditta Artigianale extracted in cold brew 1/10. Preparation: place the ingredients (except the tonic water) in the shaker with crystalline ice and shake; pour into a tall tumbler with ice, add the tonic water and garnish with lime zest and silver sugar pearls. A drink for every moment of the daywhere the coffee highlights the citrus part of the drink and the passion fruit adds an exotic touch.

Passion beer – Francesco Corona – 5 times Italian CIGS champion and third place in the 2009 World Championship, he is the owner of the restaurant Coffee and Good Spirits – Cuneo. Ingredients: 45ml FM Corona aperitif, 15ml homemade ginger syrup, 15ml passion fruit syrup, 30ml cold brew made from Ethiopia Boto coffee (ratio 1/10), white beer. Preparation: pour the ingredients (excluding beer) into the shaker with crystalline ice, shake, then pour into a tall glass with ice, top up with the beer; garnish with a slice of fresh passion fruit, a twist of lemon zest and a hop flower (if available). It is a aperitif drink fresh and thirst-quenching with notes of malt, citrus and a delicate coffee flavor that complements the drink’s freshness.

Let’s Twist Again – Marco Poidomani – Italian champion Coffee in Good Spirit 2017 and 2019, Sca teacher and trainer for Moak. Ingredients: 30 ml espresso made with only Remera-Rwanda by Moak, 15 ml roasted sesame syrup, 30 ml Handrik’s gin, 30 ml Etna Bitter, Tarì Malvarosa beer. Preparation: pour gin, bitters, sesame syrup and the ice-free espresso into a Boston, then chill them using the toss technique; pour into a tall glass with crystalline ice cubes and top with beer. Garnish with orange peel. A aperitif tasty and thirst-quenching.

Coffee Mule Samuel Baiardinibarista at Costadoro Social Coffee Genoa. Ingredients: juice of 1/2 lime, 20 ml agave syrup, 2 g fresh ginger, 60 ml vodka, 200 g pink grapefruit soda, 20 g light roasted LotZero Colombia NI 1225 coffee (per filter). Preparation: use the aeropress with the inverted method (infusion with the filter facing up) by pouring the ground coffee and 40 g of pink grapefruit soda for pre-infusion; after 30 seconds, pour in the remaining soda and let steep for 4 minutes. Meanwhile, make the drink by pouring lime juice, agave syrup and ginger into the glass; crush the ginger a little and mix. Add the vodka and ice, then invert the aeropress by extracting it and pour into the glass and layer the drink. Garnish with a slice of dried pink grapefruit. A very fresh and spicy drink, perfect for cooling off on a hot evening.

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