Coffee mugs, a gift for all tastes plus one

It’s always the right time for a cup of coffee: whether it’s morning or afternoon, at work or at a friend’s house, for a date at the bar or to get five minutes of your time, coffee has always accompanied the days of the Italians in context of any kind.

A great moment is best when accompanied by little trinkets that make it even more fun. Because of this the cups or mugs for the coffee arein addition to a large presence of all the shelves in each residence as well a perfect gift ideaboth when you search of a small thought it when you want to do a more serious gift and which symbolizes great affection.

In this article we will talk better about Because it coffee mugs they are an excellent solution to make a gift and we’ll see some models to suggest some ideas. Happy reading and good coffee!

A thought that is always effective

Nothing better than a couple coffee mugs to impress the landladyfor all relationships: whether it is our grandmother or a still superficial acquaintance.

It’s about a versatile gift that can be used both every day that in special situations, from Sunday lunch to religious holidays.

It is a symbol of that testifies to attention, affection but also a desire for stability: you will be there too in all happy inner these beliefs, during these holidays or whatever during a nice coffee break.

Giving away a coffee mug also represents this, together with delicious and fine small objects, classic or colored. Not sure which one to choose and where to start? Let’s try to clarify a little

Porcelain mugs

Here is one sure way to impress, combining novelty and tradition: we always start from where it all began, that is porcelainfor many a guarantor of quality and established practice.

Really impossible not to make a good impression with a couple of porcelain coffee mugs. This means everything and it means nothing: porcelain is a very popular material for copperbadly shapes and decorations can really be of many typesfrom the most classic to the most elegant, colorful or fun

Brand cups

You may never say it, but even high fashion brands pour their art into coffee mugs; Here, too, we are dealing with an enormous universe. When it comes to clothing and accessories, fashion houses like Versace has created its own series of coffee mugs. Perfect if you want to do an elegant gift or treat yourself to a luxury lump suma nice gift to ourselves!

A coffee with Mickey Mouse and the seven dwarfs

If you are looking for one very nice and sometimes nice gift you will have a lot of fun discovering in many models from the Disney Mickey Mouse Love collection by Egan, prestigious brand for porcelain coffee mugs. In a nutshell: quality and fun.

I am available in many shapes and decorationsnot least cups without handles: it can be an original solution to give an object that you probably own, but with a different shape.

If Mickey Mouse doesn’t convince you, that is the same set of Egan is also in the Disney Seven Dwarfs version.

Always in pairs

Like cherry, even coffee cups always go in pairs! Some models are perfect as an idea gift for a young couple of lovebirds just moved into the nest, or for a historical and consolidated one who have already shared parts of existence together.

To hit the target even more, they exist modular copper, with some romantic and decorative letters insideor otherwise in a form that allows them to be stored one on the otherto form a single block, for to be even more sincere in a loving union.

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