coffee or tea? Find out from your character


– You like strong and decisive flavors. So, not only can your choice between tea and coffee be made later, but it can also be said that you prefer the strongest and bitterest blends. Your day can not start without a small dose of caffeine to give you the energy to start an activity. You are definitely a lover of suede and not waffles.


– If they are of good quality, you enjoy sipping and tasting both tea and coffee, but most of the time you prefer coffee because it immediately makes you less lazy and more reactive. You love capsule coffee makers and you think they are a great invention because they save you a lot of time every morning. A teaspoon of walnut makes your coffee even tastier.


– You do not need coffee to wake up in the morning because you are usually already active enough and move directly. You prefer to sip a cup of hot tea because, even if it seems superficial, you are in fact careful about what you bring into your body and, if you can, prefer a healthy and balanced diet. You have experimented with everything, including coloring your cup of tea with milk.


– You could never give up the habit of having afternoon tea with friends or with your neighbors. It does not matter if it is black tea, green tea or any other infusion: the important thing is to create an atmosphere of conviviality. Of course, each cup of tea must always be accompanied by a few biscuits or a slice of homemade cake. Sweetness is an integral part of your life.


– A hot and enveloping coffee certainly manages to give you more emotions than a cup of tea. Not only do you like coffee for its taste and flavor, but you think it can give you a head start during the day. This is why you often take too much of it. One solution to avoid getting sick may be to use decaffeinated coffee from time to time.


– You are of the opinion that in the right doses, both coffee and tea can be useful to activate you throughout the day. Of the two, however, coffee is probably what gives you the most addiction and you would never be able to give up the coffee habit as soon as you wake up or have coffee after lunch with your colleagues. Obviously you take it without sugar and, if you really do not like the bitter, use the sweetener.


– It may have been someone from Vågen who invented the TV at 17.00. For you, tea is actually an opportunity to meet your friends. You like to sip it in nice porcelain mugs and serve it in teapots that you received on special occasions. Do not drink it when it is too hot, but also when it is cold. You like the middle ground.


Infusions, teas and various herbal teas are often forbidden from your pantry, unless they have such a special taste to conquer your taste buds. However, your preference really falls on coffee, possibly limited. Long or American coffee gives you the feeling of being watered down and you would never be able to drink it. It is important that you sip it when it is hot.


– During your many travels, you have really had the opportunity to discover many blends of teas or infusions with exotic and special flavors. Between tea and coffee you have no doubt about the first and you especially like iced tea which is served with ice cubes and accompanied by a few slices of lemon or orange. It often happens that you come back from your travels with some new tea to experiment with your friends.


– The coffee maker is probably one of the appliances you use most often and you would never be able to do without it. To keep up with your work rhythms, you need at least two or three coffees a day. You like to experiment with special blends, but not flavored. You do not have a favorite cup and if necessary, you also adapt to the coffee machines in the offices.


– Coffee is really not one of your preferences. For the different types of tea, however, you prefer infusions and herbal teas, especially when you have managed to get your trusted herbalist to prepare a mixture of herbs with specific functions to make you feel fit. You like to experiment with all kinds of infusions, even with the most unusual or bizarre flavors. Your cups are always special.


– A cup of tea or a hot herbal tea for you is much more enveloping than a coffee and you have no doubt about your preference. Before going to bed, it’s your habit to prepare an infusion based on chamomile, lime or lemon balm with a teaspoon of honey: this way you can fall asleep more easily and you can abandon yourself relaxed to the world of your dreams. You do not like infusions that are too bitter.

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