Coffee plant, how to grow it at home according to practical advice

Do you want to grow coffee right in your home? Well, starting today you can. Follow this short guide and treat yourself to a fantastic coffee plant.

Coffee, leaves – Photo by Susanne Jutzeler, Switzerland, from Pixabay


Coffee is known to us Westerners who especially like it drink. Especially on our peninsula, coffee has become an important part of traditional practices and customs. An integral part of our daily life, coffee is often served in liquid form and we forget which one is hers real origin.

Yes, because coffee, before it is a drink, is first and foremost the fruit of a plant species. Today we talk about the coffee plant and the possibility of grow it directly to your home.

Coffee plant: all the cultivation secrets for a zero km coffee

coffee plant fruits
Coffee Fruits – Image by Daniel Ramirez from Pixabay

The coffee plant grows spontaneously in Ethiopia. Typical of the eastern areasAfrica, is a perennial shrub of the Rubiaceae family. At least they hesitate 60 types of coffeethe most popular is the Arabica species, the one that produces better fruits and therefore allows a higher quality of the coffee produced later.

The coffee plant also produces flowers. They are white and shaped like a star, in the classic 5-pointed representation. The plant that most easily adapts to apartment growth and the temperate climate in our areas is always the species arabica coffee, grown mainly for ornamental purposes.

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The coffee plant has leaves of one marked light green, the stem does not exceed 2 meters in height and, if grown in an apartment, usually does not produce flowers, nor fruits. Its species is used to grow in the areas between Tropic of Cancer and Capricornwherefore in Europe it is more suitable to cultivate it exclusively for ornamental purposes.

It must be said that the coffee plant is particularly well suited for this purpose. Growing in the apartment is quite simple and the oval and narrow leaves of the plant will beautify your rooms with their especially light pigment.

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Like everyone tropical plantsthe coffee plant needs temperatures that do not sink 10 C°, therefore it is necessary to grow it indoors. It requires then humidity and lighting Discreet. As for watering, in summer you have to water the plant daily, in winter with postponed frequency. Avoid i water stagnation.

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