Coffee ritual, Fipe’s signature collection for the Unesco candidacy restarts

Laboratories, tasting courses, museums, historic cafes open to the public and a cartoon by Staino hanging from the windows of the bars, from north to south. Tomorrow, October 1, like every day, the passion for espresso will return to unite the entire peninsula, on the occasion of International Coffee Day.
A celebration there Fipe-Confcommerciothe Italian Federation of Public Facilities, intends to promote the collection of signatures, already launched online, to support the candidacy of the traditional Italian espresso coffee rite as Intangible Heritage of Humanity at Unesco.

A cup of coffee

Signature collection, already started online as well

In all locations participating in the initiative, which will exhibit cartoon specially created by Stainowill it be possible to sign to reinforce at the highest level a daily “ritual”, completely Italian, which has deeply marked the customs of the Italians and designed the clubs that enliven the cities.
“Our country – underlines Alessandro Cavo, president of the association The Historians of Fipe-Confcommercio – was born, joined and even consolidated within the cafes that have always populated our cities and our villages. History has been made in the most prestigious bars with a capital S and is often made while sipping an espresso, at the counter or at the table. A ritual that we not only intend to preserve but to reinforce more and more, as it represents a distinctive feature of Italianness and our way of life. A peculiarity that is recognized and often copied even abroad ».

Wonderful life

The October 1 initiative will take place in cafes and clubs from north to south

To underline the agreement reached between the various main players in the coffee supply chain in the spring of 2022, to submit a single application, and therefore stronger, at Unesco. Candidacy that received support and aid from the Italian government through Mipaaf (Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry). To support the candidacy of “Italian espresso coffee between culture, rite, sociality and literature in the symbolic communities from Venice to Naples” – this is the title of the candidacy document – just two clicks: just go to the website www.ritodelcaffe. it – can also be accessed with a QR code – and sign the application.

The initiative program


9.30 and 11.00free visit to Florian café.
ORre 16.00-18.00the history of coffee with Lavena coffee.

10.00-12.00 Antico Caffè San Marco: presentation of the brochure “Journey of coffee” aimed at families and children to tell in a playful way how the coffee bean turns into a black drink. The other dissemination activities open to the public that will take place in October in Trieste and its province will also be presented.

2:30 p.m Espresso experience at Gruppo Cimbalis Faema Flagship: a laboratory to learn how to taste espresso by tasting, examining the visual, olfactory, gustatory and tactile aspects, together with the coffee specialists of the Mumac Academy.

10.00-16.00 cognitive, experiential and sensory pathways of coffee with the participation of actor Marco Magnani at Essse Caffè Store.

10.00-12.00 demonstration activities related to “special” coffee preparations at Giolitti Antica Gelateria Pasticceria.

A meeting which remains active from September 30 to October 30 thanks to the support of the Quarta Caffè bars in Lecce and Bari, with activities in support of the collection of signatures for the candidacy.

10.00-12.30 the history of coffee from its origins to today in a multisensory tour that discovers the different nuances of taste from the north to the south of Italy at the Morettino Museum.

All day, collected signatures in support of the candidacy in the premises of Caffè Moak, Caffè Circi, Mokàfè and Marsalì. On the social channels, videos of Two Twins 95 to celebrate the importance of the daily coffee ritual by inviting the community to sign.

11.00-19.00 Open day at Gran Caffè Gambrinus, with the participation of Giuseppe Ambrosio, General Manager of Mipaaf. Various initiatives are planned: demonstration area for different coffee extraction techniques; exhibition area with antique coffee machines from the San Marco Museum and coffee makers and grinders from the Gambrinus collection; entertainment area (with Neapolitan music and songs about coffee); cultural area with signature collection and official video screening of Unesco candidacy;
9.30-11.30 at the Mostra Oltremare (Swimming Pool Pavilion), the Medeaterranea cooking academy will create two types of desserts with coffee as a production design line, which will resume in several confectionery solutions, and then propose a tasting open to all;
15.00-16.15 at Spazio Colapesce in Palazzo Reale, as part of the Campania Libri – Festival of Reading and Listening, there will be a meeting with Marisa Laurito and Benedetta Santini, authors of two books that address the theme of coffee from different points of view, understood as a cultural , narrative and philosophical heritage. With the participation of Pier Luigi Petrillo, President of the Body of World Experts of the UNESCO Convention for the Protection of the Intangible Cultural Heritage;
In various bars and shops in the city, it will be possible to sign up to support the Italian Espresso Ritual for the Unesco Intangible Heritage.


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