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Cooperation agreement between two campaign companies with a view to sustainability

No.with a view to circular economy and sustainability, Coffee Trucilloroasting owned by the family of the same name for three generations, e.g Agrigesa producer of fertilizers and artificial fertilizers for thirty years, recycling and converting silver zinc into pellets.

Thanks to the technologies and improvements constantly introduced in the modern production facility on the outskirts of Salerno, silverskin it is recovered by suction and compressed in an external machine that aggregates it into small parts similar to pellets. It thus becomes a by-product that Trucillo sends to Agriges, where it comes from used for the production of an organic supplement that is permitted in organic farming.

The by-product is collected by Caffè Trucillo and subjected to repeated analyzes and checks in both companies’ laboratories to verify its quality and purity.

The use of silverskin for the production of soil improvers is part of the larger Agriges project, “Green Path”, which sees the company working with universities, research bodies, test centers and key national and international agricultural realities, to develop solutions that maximize crop production results and are sustainable for the environment and safe for the end user.

The “Green Path” project represents the path through which the company adapts to the new demands of the European community, designed by the “From farm to fork” strategy, to guide the transition to a fair, healthy and environmentally friendly food system.

The use of silverskin also finds application in other sectors, such as cosmetics, but it is still limited due to the scarce availability of high-quality raw materials in the market. Regulatory specifications (Legislative Decree 75/2010; Reg UE 2018/848; Reg UE 2012/1165) define the analytical standards that the product must meet.

Silverskin Trucillo is used as an ingredient (in concentrations of approx. 1-2%) to create a plant-based fertilizer product in pellets permitted in organic farming. Therefore, each ton of silver skin contributes to the production of 50 tons of soil improvers that can be used for all types of crops: arboriculture, horticulture, industry, grain and fresh cut crops.

With the by-product, new value is generated, the amount of waste to be disposed of and the associated costs are significantly reduced (75%, in the case of Trucillo).

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