Coffee Sump | how to recycle them intelligently and save money at home

How can we use the coffee grounds left over from the preparation of our favorite drink, as many uses as possible.

Coffee grounds, we can customize them for different purposes instead of throwing them away. And there are many examples of domestic knowledge in this sense. For use in the name of savings, eco-sustainability and even intelligence.

A coffee grinder (Pixabay)

For example, coffee grounds can do as an excellent degreaser for dishes covered with leftover food. Simply mix two or three with warm water. By rubbing with a non-abrasive sponge on the surface of pots, pans and plates, we must be able to clean everything.

But the coffee grounds are also very good to cover bad smell. In particular, always those related to the preparation of certain foods, such as the smell of garlic or fish. This has a better effect if we also use Marseille soap.

It takes some 200 grams to tear and to melt in a saucepan, with four or five coffee grounds e with 50 grams of water. At the end, we let it cool, to get our DIY scented soap.

Coffee grounds, tips on how to recycle them at home

Another good tip is also to leave some money in the fridge, and it also helps to absorb bad smells. Any other ideas on how to save? Coffee grounds are also excellent plant fertilizers, as they are rich in minerals.

Coffee is prepared with a machine
Coffee is made with a machine (Pixabay)

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You must bury a pair for each potted plant, leaving them 3-4 cm below ground level. This thing must be repeated once a month and will help to make our flowers or vegetables grow luxuriantly, whether they are in pots on the balcony or in the garden. There are also those who go further by applying a coffee grounds to a liter of water, which is then given to the vegetable.

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Being rich in antioxidants, coffee is also good for making an anti-wrinkle mask, which can also make the skin more shiny. You have to mix it with some water and rub it on your face. After letting it act for a quarter of an hour, release it. And these are the many examples to follow to launder money and save money, because we will avoid spending money on the purchase of dedicated products.

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