Coffee, the capsule business gives wings to Coind’s accounts

The “home barista” trend drives the accounts of Coind, one of the largest producers of Italian coffee with its own brand in Europe with a turnover of 61 million euros in 2021, of which 17% is produced in 60 foreign markets. The company was founded in 1961 on the initiative of Coop Consumatori and has gradually expanded its customer base and today serves many of the leading international retailers, with about ninety “recipes” made from coffee from about fifty countries. “We are an abnormal reality, which immediately focused on production on behalf of third parties, and understood that it was necessary to meet it with a dedicated focus and knowledge and with an adequate size – explains Luca Cioffi, chairman of the Bolognese cooperative group who, also with a view to the toiletries division, 2021 had a turnover of 82 million euros – An approach that proved successful when retailers changed their attitude to private labels and transformed them from tactical products to real brands, then needed a specialized, flexible partner with sufficient production volumes , such as Coind ».

The company has therefore grown strongly together with its reference market, followed consumption trends and consequently modified the product mix. But they have also developed their own brands Meseta, Attibassi and Caffè Carracci, which today are worth 15 million euros, and have, in a logic of channel control, launched a network of franchise cafes, which will be transferred from the six current stores to 20 are expected to be fully operational.

But it is above all the last decade that Coind has put the turbo. This is thanks to the boom in capsule coffee, which last year revolved around ground coffee and accounted for 40% of sales. While 62 million capsules had come out of the Castel Maggiore facility in 2017, they reached 250 million in 2021, with a wide range of varieties and prices. “We have focused resolutely on this type of coffee and on its production technology, which we consider to be a crucial competitive factor,” adds Cioffi. Half of the investment was devoted to the four automated lines created in collaboration with the Ima group ».

The investments have not yet been completed. A few months ago, Coind took over a 14,000 m2 building, where one of the two external warehouses entrusted to a logistics operator was moved. An important investment, which is part of a production expansion plan given that it made it possible to free up space in the plant to insert new technologically advanced lines. “We want to continue to follow the growth of the market and become increasingly leaders in our own branded products in Europe, expand vigorously thanks to large customers and support our international profession,” emphasizes Cioffi. The United States, non-continental Europe and Russia are the three most important historical markets, the latter having zero sales due to the conflict with Ukraine. A significant loss, balanced by the organic growth of the business, which will lead to the termination of Coind in 2022, in excess of the expected 92 million euros. And reach a new record: 280 million capsules produced.

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