Coffee to fertilize plants, but do you know how to use it properly? With these tips, you will never go wrong again

Coffee to fertilize plants, but do you know how to use it properly? With these tips, you will never go wrong and your plants will thank you.

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As soon as we hear the word coffee, let’s face it, we allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by the overwhelming aroma and its intense, warm and perfect tones to give us intense moments of pure passion. Coffee with its very nice aspects is it most popular drink and enjoyed by Italians, every occasion can be turned into a coffee break.

This dark drink is enchanting, it is poetry and then it helps us to face everyday life, even the particularly difficult one. Coffee grounds give us intense emotions and continue to do so even when there is waste. It is therefore advisable to avoid throwing away anything that can still help us; In fact, its properties do not abandon the brown powder but it continues to be an excellent product.

Coffee to fertilize plants – do it right

Coffee for your plants
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We have had the opportunity to see what coffee grounds are like allied to our beauty: in fact, they can be used as a natural body scrub, an excellent homemade remedy to remove dead cells and get a healthy and comfortable skin. Plants will also look beautiful with this amazing resource. In fact, it has been shown how they can nourish our vessels to grow well and strong.

The secret lies in knowing how to use them: in this regard, there are some techniques to not waste even a grain of them. First, you can use them in their powder formula, but be careful, you need to remove any moisture from the funds. Then leave them in the sun for two days or alternatively – less economically understood – set them in the oven at 180 ° for 2-3 hours.

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When dry, it’s time to use them, you can do it in two ways: you powder them evenly on the surface of the earth or mix them with it to distribute them in each layer, your plants will thank you. If you choose liquid formulations, pour two cups of ground coffee into ten liters of water. Let soak for two days and then filter. Dilute obtained compound with running water and pour over the plants.

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