Coffee with compostable balls, goodbye to capsules: this is the big news

The reversal of the consumption and waste of many resources is now active and even the announcement of the imminent arrival of coffee with compostable poles confirms this… That’s what it’s all about.

In recent years, new guidelines have been drawn up for the production of industrial food and beyond, all with a careful eye to protecting the planet in an effort to ensure that more and more raw materials can be recycled and more.

Compostable coffee balls – RecipeSprint

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The need is therefore to put consumers in a position to create an amount of possible waste, to prefer those that in a very short time can also become “absorbed“Of course, as in the case of”compostable waste“.

An ambitious project recently also welcomed by a brand dedicated to the production of coffee, which recently launched a new series of coffee wrapped in compostable balls.

Everything is ready for the official farewell to coffee capsules

But yes, A new action plan was also implemented for the production of coffee and podswhich has already been received positively by lovers of the drink, although capsules they would always seem to win even though it would be trickier, but not impossible to get rid of them at home with the differentiated history.

Compostable coffee balls - RecipeSprint
Compostable coffee balls – RecipeSprint

In any case, the new wake from this point of view is therefore represented by the arrival on the market of a new product launched by Delica in collaboration with Migrosa Swiss company dealing with coffee.

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Compostable coffee balls conquer the market!

It is a new product born in Switzerland and launched by Delica brand together with Migrorbut which is not yet on sale in Italy, but which has already met with great success also in France.

The product in question is called Caffè Ball and can be made with the appropriate Globe coffee machine, which already heralds the negligible generation of waste that will in any case have absolutely zero impact on the environment. The product has already met with great success and that coffee lovers in Italy cannot wait to enjoy it as soon as possible.

Compostable coffee balls - RecipeSprint
Compostable coffee balls – RecipeSprint

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