Coffee with entrepreneurs. Digital transformation with Raffaele Belli S2 | Ep. 7

Raffaele’s story in the world of Digital transformation started in 2013, when the family business, which has been in operation for 3 generations now, ended up in great difficulties and under Raffaele’s management it had to close permanently. From here begins the turning point of his career in Raffaele’s life, and from here also comes his personal motivation that makes him get out of bed every day: to help. Helps above all other entrepreneurs like him who have problems with their company; what Raffaele is trying to do with his new business is to do understand how digital can be developed and improve companies.

Necessities often bring out the virtues“: With this sentence, Raffaele tells of the difficult turning point that his life took when he was forced to close the family business; but precisely with this sentence Raffaele emphasizes how out of necessity, to know how to react effectively and, above all, quickly bring out the virtues of human beings.

The idea of ​​becoming an entrepreneur in the digital transformation world stems from one of the reasons why his company closed: because they were overloaded with daily activities, they had lost focus on the external environment, without realizing that the digital, especially in the corporate sector, had caught up very quickly and Raffaele had not realized that his business needed to change.

Hence “Belli method“: A framework developed by systematizing Raffaele’s entrepreneurial experience and digital skills, with the ultimate goal of develop a digital transformation strategy tailored to each company.

Raffaele explains to us how a digital transformation strategy differs from a marketing strategy, based on the assumption that the marketing strategy is one of the different pieces that make up the Belli method: marketing is the turbo in a more complex strategy.

Raffaele also explained to us how a digital transformation process begins, and emphasizes how the first part, which may seem most banal but instead is the main one, is sit at a table with company members and establish a first strategy; this is because most small and medium-sized enterprises, especially family-owned enterprises, do not have the problem of formalizing a real strategy.

The main result that the Belli method gives the company is understanding what activities are needed to become competitive in the digital age and which investments are more targeted and can be beneficial. The main results for the companies that adopt the method are: increased sales, increased margins, improved marketing and implementation of processes and expertise.

Raffaele says that from a personal point of view, what he does, thanks to his consulting work, binds him especially to all the people he works with, because in them he sees himself and his history, but with a different ending.

The most important lesson I learned is that things can change really quickly, and you have to be good at knowing how to adapt to the changing environment, but above all you have to believe in what you do.“.

These are the words of Raffaele Belli; if the theme of digital transformation fascinates you, run to listen to the episode of Caffè con gli Entrepreneurs.

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