Coffee with entrepreneurs. Is the future in our hands? With Cristina Pozzi S2 | Ep. 5

Cristina is an entrepreneur engaged in disclosure And ethical reflection on new technologies and holds the role of advisor and mentor in various startups both nationally and internationally. It was recognized by the World Economic Forum as “Young global leaderAnd his thoughts on the future are always optimistic. He has many important roles in his company and is a co-founder of other valuable projects.

The entrepreneurship concept, for Cristina it is not limited to the simple meaning of the term but has a deeper meaning. One of the questions we ask you concerns the social entrepreneur, a figure that explains to us is linked to the inherent goals of an activity. A “simple” entrepreneur would only take into account the financial sustainability of his creation, without giving weight to the social impact which may occur in the surrounding context.

The project that Cristina is working on takes the name Treccani Futura and is built on exact values: “provide education as a tool to build small pieces for the futureHe wants to make his contribution to society by building the whole program on the concept of freedom. The courses are dedicated to people of all ages to support the so-called lifelong learning. He wrote “Welcome to 2050”, a book that intends to write about the future as a concrete aspect of life, something that really comes, not entirely abstract and far from the present as it may seem. And we, do we really have the consciousness?

Looking to the future, we asked Cristina what it is soft skills to be developed to be always ready in the present to face all the changes that involve this world; a world that never stops and goes fast. Specializing certainly seems to be one of the solutions, but it is not enough. There is a need to get the different disciplines to communicate with each other, ie create innovation, collaborate, listen. For example, between art and science, two seemingly opposite areas of study, there is actually a very deep bond. Cristina also discusses the ethical challenges in sensitive issues that will be asked by technology and science.

In this section, we have addressed issues related to the future, inherent soft skills to be developed, sustainability and ethical challenges. We are also talking about social entrepreneur, female entrepreneurship and in particular about the importance of spreading awareness about the future in each of us. The interview is led by Muhammad Faraz.

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