Coffee with entrepreneurs. Start-up with Inès Makula S2 | Ep. 4

Ines Makula, a very young Italian entrepreneur who has lived in London since 2009. Like each episode, we start by asking her what is the reason she wakes up every day, and the answer is not so obvious: voltage.

Ines seeks excitement in all her daily actions, and she finds the greatest excitement create something of your own and realize their dreams. In everything, they obviously show up difficulty And obstacleBut the best aspect of being an entrepreneur is learning to meet them every day, with your own strengths and abilities.

In addition to working for Estee Lauder, Ines runs a project created by her sister Clementina: Clemis’ Market. An idea born out of the need for create a genuine product but at the same time very tasty, and this is exactly the goal for Ines and Clementina: to become a leader in the Italian e-commerce sector of products, such as their granola and their snacks, which are high quality products and at the same time tasty.

The main problem in connection with the launch of a brand, Ines tells us, is the need for cash, ie a fairly large initial investmentof which, however, there is no guarantee of financial return.

From Ine’s point of view, the world is evolving very fast, towards online e-commerce, and in fact Clemi’s Market aims to be the strongest e-commerce in the industry, in Italy. Ines also says that since she has practically lived in London no longer shop in the store, for a matter of great comfort and speed; The comparison with Italy is clearly a forced comparison, as in Italy the gastronomic culture is much more entrenched, and in fact Ines claims that it will take several more years for everyone in our country to move online to shop.

We asked Ines, who has lived abroad for a long time and has had many work experiences, to tell us what they think she is, pros and cons of working abroad rather than in Italy.

There is no perfect country or city, for every situation you have to make sacrifices and compromiseAccording to Ines, one of the best aspects of the Anglo – Saxon world of work is that young people come a lot taken seriouslythey are listened to and above all they get a lot opportunity for growth and career. Another key aspect is job concept determined or indefinite, who are not abroad, so if you do not like the job and you decide to give up, you immediately get a new chance to try something else.

Inès is a girl full of energy and with a huge cultural and experiential background, which is why we ask her what advice you would give to a young man approaching working life for the first time: one of the most important resources is access to information, which is fundamental for today’s young people and can be the key to achieving their goals; Ines actually emphasizes the importance of going from academic knowledge to knowledge linked to experience and practice.

A key point is also know how to differentiate and diversify break away from the crowd, highlight their qualities and creativity.

We talked about this and much more with Inès Makula in the fourth episode of Coffee with the Entrepreneurs; if its story fascinates you, make you comfortable and start listening to the episode.

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