Coffee with entrepreneurs. Swap with Luca Mastella, S1 | Ep. 1

Luca plays basketball at Fortitudo in Bologna, until an event takes place that leads him to one great change in his life. After graduation, he began his studies and work abroad and went from Canada to France, from Australia to Romania; lives in Airbnb and takes his suitcase everywhere, why always in a hurry and always in motion.

I’m always in a hurry. I live on the run, I love to live on the run but at the same time the thought of Learn it was born from the fact that I needed to take a break from the many things I had done“.

During this confrontation, the relationship between dynamics and frenzy which dominates our lives, especially when we are immersed in constantly different situations: we receive stimuli from each place and from each person that vary depending on culture, character, origin and other infinite variables of human existence. At some point, however, have must stop a moment to collect and put together the thousand colors we have absorbed during our running round, and see what we can and want to give to the outside world.

This is what happened to Luca: “I chose to leave the company where I worked, without having a clue. Starts completely from scratch. I thought about what I really wanted to do: I had many skills acquired abroad, I could do anything. But I wondered what my personal values ​​were“.

In fact, Luca takes up the quote that opened the curtain for this article and explains how most times the real project is born when you want to realize it necessarily, since it belongs to us: “because if you do not, no one else in the world will do it, and you truly believe that the world needs it. When you have this feeling, you absolutely throw yourself into it“.

Learnn’s founder, in this first section of Coffee with entrepreneurstells its story by sorting out each thread in its action: from how the idea of ​​Learnn was bornto the problems they encountered, to the energy, strength and stimuli he accumulated during his journey, up to form a business idea. With a business model that is the ancestor of the project and its heterogeneous life experience, it leaves us countless something to considerstimuli and instructions that we can take as examples to build a personal path.

Interviewed by Samir Jabbar. Prepare the suede and make yourself comfortable: listen to the words of Luca Mastella, e.g. get inspired.

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