Coffee with entrepreneurs. Training not to stop with Flavio Sanvito S2 | Ep. 6

Due to the pandemic, university students (and others) were forced to leave school, thus moving from a traditional teaching methodology in the presence of remote learning. Today, when the state of emergency ended and most (if not all) universities have returned mostly in offline modeone of the most common doubts among students is how teaching will be handled in the future and if it will be possible keep a mixed positionwhich in recent months has made it possible for many to follow lessons and take exams directly from home, get to know e-learning in distance education.

L ‘e-learning it’s not a novelty, in fact, just like smart-working, it already existed before Covid, albeit seen with a certain skepticism (just think of the low regard one had of telematic universities). The innovative technology expert, Elliot Masie, was the first to coined the term in the 1990s and defined it as “the use of technology to design, distribute, select, administer, support and disseminate trainingThanks to the pandemic, society has radically changed its vision and has begun to consider all the benefits of this teaching method, accelerating the digital transition, which is already under way before 2020.

We discussed the importance of this resource, its benefits and weaknesses with Flavio Sanvito, President of Progetto Europe and Representative of the Chamber of Deputies, guest on the sixth section of Caffè con gli Entrepreneurs. The manager, after working in a large multinational company and teaching at Bocconi University, founded European projectnow composed of Progetto Europa Real Estate and Progetto Europa SRL, which since the beginning of the pandemic has paid out 25,000 distance education for both individuals and companies. Among the great advantages that emerged with the use of this modality is there savings in the form of time and money and the possibility of greater adaptation to individual needs.

During the interview, in addition to dwelling on the subject of e-learning, Flavio Sanvito tells us about the most important stages of his career and anticipates its future projects, including a platform that allows us to support many companies in the training of their employees. Finally, it gives us a starting point for reflection on the distance between the corporate and school context, which according to the entrepreneur needs a major revolution in terms of values ​​and goals.

If the subject of e-learning and Flavio Sanvito’s project has fascinated you *, do not miss the entire interview by Lorenzo Pretola!

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