Coffeebooks Bazzara, new sponsors for updated editions

The sponsors’ attachments to the latest reprint of the updated editions of the highly sought after Bazzara coffee books: still some space available thanks to the content extensions, many big names in the coffee sector have already been confirmed.

It’s about “Espresso Coffee Supply Chain” And “Coffee Tasting” della Bazzara, a historic roastery company in Trieste that is very active in spreading the culture of quality coffee.

To continue the project is Andrea Bazzarasales export manager for the roastery and co-author of the latest publication Coffee experts. L’released at the end of the year. A renewal that comes after about a decade, enriches the volumes with new content, images and the involvement of new sponsors. Precisely because knowledge and education are the most valuable assets selection of reprints where conscious and careful and it was taken in view of the great success that the two books have had over the years. In fact, Supply Chain, despite the already eight reprints, and Tasting, five, are already sold out and continue to be in demand not only by Italy but also by the rest of the world thanks to their translation into several languages.

Many of the big names in the industry have already joined the initiative and confirmations continue to come from big names in the industry, showing the benefits for the companies participating in this 360° spread of the many aspects of the world connected to coffee. Large companies such as Nuova Simonelli, Elektra, Rancilio and Opem SpA in the coffee machine sector, they join La San Marco SpA and Imprese Riunite Caffè and Alkaff, for a world of raw coffee; together we remember Club House for the cups, IMA Coffee Petroncini for large plants, Colombini for industrial coffee grinders, e.g Sigep IEG. The qualities that have made it an international bestseller are also confirmed by the notes later released by the same supporters.

Carlos Gonzalezsays Rancilio Group coffee competence manager: “Italian espresso is a history that must be protected, valued and shared. By collaborating in the editorial project of the Bazzara brothers, we can contribute to the spread of knowledge within our society and tell about our experience, between research and innovation, and our almost hundred-long path of investigation around extraction of espresso coffee.

And Marco FelizianiVice President of Nuova Simonelli SpA: “Knowledge is the basis of progress and is the lever that allows people, organizations and sectors to develop. The editorial initiatives of the Bazzara brothers are a significant contribution to the dissemination of knowledge in our sector and this is the reason for our choice to continue being among their most loyal partners”.

So it continues Alessio PezzoniElektra CEO: “Bazzara has long been recognized for the quality of its cultural initiatives linked to coffee and the evolutionary dynamics of our sector. Elektra has decided to support these new publishing projects with enthusiasm and participation”.

It is still Rudi AlbertFounder and owner of Alkaff Srl: “We follow Bazzara’s work in the coffee world with interest and we are happy to be able to support its operations. We have therefore decided to make our contribution by sponsoring the reprints of two volumes dedicated to this sector. Bazzara, on the other hand, represents an important point of reference in Italy and abroad and carries out strategic work to improve coffee”.

“We are united by the city of Trieste, where it all began; innovation, commitment to tradition and a great passion for good coffee, all valid reasons to join them in this initiative “ concludes Dr. Maximilian Fabian by Demus SpA

The two reprints will also be discussed in the tenth edition of Trieste Espresso Expo to be held from 27 to 29 October. Andrea Bazzara remembers that there are more and more new coffee lovers, baristas, roasters, trainers, academies looking into this wonderful world.

The tenth edition of the TriestEspresso Expo is sure to be one big stage to meet them, create additional conditions to spread the content of the books with the many information given away by great personalities such as Luigi Morello from the Cimbali Group, Gianfranco Carubelli, Sergio Barbarisi from BWT water + more Italy, Massimiliano Fabian and many others. Without forgetting innovative graphics, beautiful photographs, the most important rules in the world of cappuccino espresso and much, really much more. The pages of the two volumes actually exceeds 200 for “espresso coffee supply chain” and I am almost 400 for the “Coffee Tasting”.

The thing about Bazzara is a continuous discovery of how much these books can do reach thousands and thousands of professionals worldwide; the last positive experience, these days when a client from Libya was asked how he had met them. His answer was: “Thanks to your books, of course!”.

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