commitment to culture and young talent

Through the international photo competition Fuori Fuoco, Caffè Moak continues its commitment in the field of culture, which aims to encourage research and growth paths. An assignment that the Modica-based company has been striving for since its founding in 1967.

Find out how to participate in Fuori Fuoco’s international photo competition

The interview with the marketing manager for Caffè Moak

We met Annalisa Spadola, Marketing Director for Caffè Moak, who together with her brother Alessandro (CEO) leads a global brand in the coffee market that exists in over fifty countries. We asked her to tell us about Caffè Moak’s contribution to the construction of beauty in textual and visual form, and their desire to highlight a life of emotion, a look full of wonder and amazement.

When was your campaign born in support of culture and young talent and why?

“We start from the fact that we have not invented anything. Coffee has always had a connection to creative environments, culture, art and philosophy. Just think of the literary cafes. With these premises, we wanted to give life to a project in the will to offer a contribution to the world of culture in our small way. Unfortunately in Italy little is invested in art, as in school, and with regret we see the result. Twenty years ago I was asked to sponsor a course in creative writing and at that time I expressed to the organization a wish to see a story about coffee produced with the idea of ​​rewarding the best talents.

It was such a good experience that the following year we developed a national initiative that activated an organization machine with a promotion committee. The idea was from the beginning to set a specific theme, coffee, with the realization that this characteristic element helped to distinguish the initiative from other literary competitions without affecting the creative freedom, given the most diverse stories that during the time they were produced.

Coffee is consumed everywhere, albeit in different ways – we do not find our espresso abroad -; coffee unites different cultures. This year we celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the competition with a special edition ».

When does photography fit into this path?

«After a few years with Caffè Letterario, we created the Corto Moak competition. Since I had a great passion for film, I wanted to think about this parallel event which in seven editions rewarded the best short film about coffee.

At one point we wondered about the fact that, in order to promote young creativity, the production of a work of this kind often involves the emergence, for those who do, of difficulties in terms of financial costs and technical resources. We therefore chose the camera because it really is a more accessible and democratic means ».

With Fuori Fuoco Moak we celebrate the eighth edition this year. An undoubtedly positive outcome in terms of participation and the quality of the story.

“What has united both Caffè Letterario and Fuori Fuoco in recent years is that they are a kind of snapshot of our time. There have been years when a recurring social theme could be traced, an expression of the feeling of civil society. I am thinking, for example, of the murder of women, of attacks. Beyond focus, coffee, which can be deflected in a thousand aspects and fantasies, all suggestions are welcome. In this we have always been very sensitive, having never wanted to force the author’s hand when it comes to using the image for commercial or advertising purposes ».

Is there a particular goal that characterizes the competition edition?

«Our first goal is to create a competition that concretely helps to express talent – not just make it a condition of registration -. We wanted, in harmony with the competition, also to activate a moment of real confrontation with internationally renowned reporters. I’m thinking of the photographers from Magnum Agency and Contrasto.

In this regard, Lorenzo Meloni, known for his pictures published on The Telegraph, TIME, Le Figaro, in addition to being, to our great delight, the chairman of the jury for the 2022 edition, will also be the main character in a workshop in Rome this autumn. “

Find out how to participate in Fuori Fuoco’s international photo competition

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