Competition, Quarta Caffè is looking for creative people to illustrate their historic tin can

Tradition that unites innovation; the “old” tin can that used to contain the precious blends of Caffè Quarta – today an object of modernity – which will be a creative gym for anyone who wants to try out a new initiative from the historic Salento company: a national competition to identify the person who will be able to invent the graphic design of the Quarta Caffè jar.

The competition aims to stimulate the creativity of graphic designers, illustrators and designers living in Italy: in fact, it will be enough to be 18 years old to participate in the competition, completely free (it will actually not be necessary to make a purchase of products or services), but in order to do so it will be necessary to comply with the competition requirements of the website The complete documents in all parts must be sent with We transfer at no later than 23.59 on 10 August 2022.

The winners will be chosen at the discretion of Quarta Caffè SpA: the first ranked will go to 4,500, the second 2,500, the third 1,500 euros.

A competition that confirms the historical connection between the Salento company and its admirers, which strongly confirms its all local origins and at the same time the ability to fly high and fast to become one of the most important Italian coffee production companies: fresh and of quality, of course. In fact, Quarta Caffè was born in the 1950s from a small bar with a tasting in the heart of Lecce, but it immediately impresses the taste of consumers who appreciate the attention in the choice of the best green coffee, the separate roasting of the coffee. beans – which allows each variety to express itself best in terms of taste and aroma – and the care of the mixture.

Today, Quarta Caffè SpA, while remaining a family business – in the best sense of the word: employees are also considered a family – is spread over an area of ​​12,000 square meters in the Lecce industrial area, divided into warehouses, production facilities and offices. The fully computerized facility transforms over 70,000 bags of raw coffee each year into a rich assortment of blends with an unmistakable taste and aroma. In a market that is increasingly aware of the “green” aspects of production, the company continues its path by strengthening its commitment to the sustainability of production processes and the development of the reference area, as evidenced by the countless initiatives that see Quarta Coffee at the forefront of the defense of territory and the sea. The company has also long been committed to the use of energy from renewable sources, solar cells and wind towers in perfect harmony with the companies’ values.

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