Confcommercio: the workshop about the coffee world arrives

A new way to approach this product, expand its potential

SIENA. A new way of approaching coffee, expands its potential. And a new way of thinking about coffee as a sustainable and socially responsible product. In short, the cup changes role. And Confcommercio Siena, together with Diba 70proposes a workshop about the coffee world to taste and discover a new way to drink this iconic product. The appointment is on Tuesday, May 24 at 15.30 at Confcommercio Siena’s head office in Siena, via di Cerchiaia. Among other things, Diba 70 recently joined the Umami Area Honduras and B.Farm project, which means that it has become its own coffee by combining the quality of the products with the concepts of entrepreneurial and economic, but also social and environmental sustainability.

Coffee, designed in a broader way than is traditionally used, can support the expansion of the range of drinks in a restaurant or bar, it can help facilities to welcome guests by, for example, surprising them with a glass of filter coffee. And it can help companies grow their business.

“In this dimension, coffee becomes a sensory experience – he points out Luisella Bartali, Head of Tourism at Confcommercio Siena – The meeting will be useful to learn about a new way to approach the cup. There is another aspect of market growth. For operators, positioning in the segment to use a “sustainable” and socially responsible product can open up new opportunities and new commercial proposals. I would therefore like to thank Leonardo Maggiore, Director of Diba srl, who has extensive experience in this sector, for making himself available for this workshop, which we hope is just the beginning of a journey. In fact, there are many initiatives that we could create together ”.

Tomorrow’s premises will need to offer more advanced services, a real consumer experience. The quality of the product must grow with baristas and restaurateurs who not only have to be trained, but become real coffee sommelier – he claims Leonardo Maggiore from Diba 70 – They will be responsible for telling and explaining the origin of the product they serve, the quality and the work that is in the cup. Consumers need to come out enriched with information and emotions. Only in this way will we transform the act of drinking a coffee from a pure habit into something truly beautiful “.

For info and registration for the workshop, you can contact Luisella Bartali on 0577-248811 or via email at

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