Corporate Molise – A coffee with Antonella Camardo

The entrepreneur tells the story of a fantastic family roastery.

Family business, high technical standard, product quality, extreme attention to environmental impact. Four generations of the Camardo family since 1951 they have with pride and self-denial built a solid company (today almost female-led), the flagship of the regional agri-food sector, thanks to the production, export and consumption of its blends which are appreciated in bars and by suede lovers all over the world. A world that Confcommercio Molise appreciates, protects and promotes through the constant support of its members at every stage, from education, which helps to weld together a historical relationship that, especially at this time, deserves to be told.

With enthusiasm Antonella Camardo, marketing manager for the company, welcomes us in the elegant spaces of Via Bartolomeo Camardo, the Campobasso industrial area (spread over an area of ​​20,000 square meters) to tell the story of his grandfather Bartolomeo as he, during a trip to South America in 1948, approaches the coffee world. When he returned to Italy, he opened “Bottega del Caffè” on Via Campo Marzio in Rome, only to realize his dream in Molise three years later.

“What we want to build in this company – the entrepreneur begins – is a family atmosphere, calm and one of sharing values ​​with our customers, employees and employees that we know as part of our daily business and our success.”

And regarding her role in the company and the new recruitment role, she reveals: “My profession is marketing and in the company I mainly cover this role, in reality then in everyday life, female management, me, my sister Alessandra and my cousin Cinzia, we travel a bit in all departments and share choices, decisions, successes under the tireless guidance of our captain, my father Giuseppe, and in memory of my uncle Felice, the two pillars to which we owe all our knowledge and experience. “

camardo coffee

A family story that for the Camardo family in Molise which sees the heirs of Bartolomeo, Giuseppe and Felice among the first in Italy in the early 70s to export roasted and blended Italian-style coffee to the markets of Australia, Canada and the United States, thanks to the presence of state-of-the-art systems and the family’s industrial experience .

camardo coffee

The choice of raw material comes from the analyzes carried out on raw coffee in the coffee countries’ countries of origin, primarily Brazil, to be transported from Trieste, the first hub for unloading raw coffee, to Campobasso. A cost problem – we reflect together – which can above all be solved by the companies in central Molise by activating a smoother and cheaper freight transport by rail.

“Great attention to product selection – he continues – during all phases of the manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality to the end customer, even certified by our team of official coffee tasters and cutting-edge technical systems”.

But Camardo has, in addition to the quality of its product, seen beyond when In 1996, it was among the first companies in Italy to believe in a new, simple and fast product, single portion pod ESE A success that has led to continuous and progressive investments in the sector, to guarantee the consumer the entire traceability of the product through the production of compostable tubs and capsules directly in the company.

“Our coffee is much appreciated not only in cafes but also in patisseries and ice cream parlors. It is no coincidence that Caffè Camardo has been the official partner of Sigep Gelato d’Oro for many years, recognized as one of the most important international events in the industry. We want to continue to offer our consumers a product of the highest quality through what we are best at: careful selection of raw materials, the creation of blends, investments in innovative production processes and through the quality awards received by the most accredited certification bodies. “

camardo coffee

Antonella Camardo’s story is effective and proud as she shows us even more the line of blends dedicated to Molise’s beauties with a certified organic coffee with organoleptic properties to be discovered: “Here is the moment of water dedicated to the trebuchets on the coast, here instead the journey on the land of sheep tracks, and then the air with the beauty of our mountains and a precious deep sea coffee, finally the mixture dedicated to fire with the traditions of our region”.

Sustainability and energy impact it is an integral part of the company’s history. “The whole energy need – Antonella reveals to us – is satisfied by ours solar cell system installed at the end of 2009 on the roof of the factory, the fruit of my father’s intuition and his call for technological innovation that we hope will continue to live in us ”.

Then there issocial involvement in sports and culture by Caffè Camardo, as the support for many sports initiatives in the area aimed mainly at young people, together with the promotion of cultural initiatives. “Especially one that we care about a lot – concludes Antonella – the theatrical performance” I am a storm “entirely from Molise dedicated to Giacomo Matteotti. And so there is solidarity projectone of the last sees the interference of the houses of the Larino district with the creation of original bags made with the recycling of jute bags with raw coffee marked Caffè Camardo “.

You can read the concreteness of Antonella Camardo’s words and looks, supported by the powerful shoulders of a family that has done business in this region since the post-war period, through a brand and product that is recognized and appreciated in Italy and in the world. A world that, after old and current economic crises, together with the support and strength of a large organization like Confcommercio, intends to look to the future with confidence and a renewed will to start again towards new challenges.

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