Cremona Sera – Shopping in the Mall is still changing. On sale, the Greek coffee was bought, Chinese upholsterers in the former Daslu Caffè e Grom by Ugo Grill

Another revolution among the shops in the gallery April 25. Awaiting the restyling designed by the architect Corbari on behalf of the municipality in the tears of urban renewal that includes “plants on the roof with deciduous leaves and their movements, they will create special light effects on the floor and mark the entrances and playing with the light will be a way to bringing people closer to this historic place in urban life “continues the movement in the gallery’s commercial spaces. There have been three pieces of news in recent days.

EX GROM: We’ve been talking about it for a while but we’re finally here. “Ugo Grill” did the deed for the purchase of the large corner area between via Verdi and corso Cavour. The bureaucratic problems related to the previous ownership have been resolved (it still had banking on the way) and this part of the Gallery closed from 2017 will be given new life. Obviously, the historic Ugo Grill restaurant in via Gramsci will not close but the Fioni property, given the large spaces, is very likely thinking of something more than a simple second Ugo Grill outlet. Born in 1976, the place is known to all Cremonese for its sandwiches, often quoted in articles in important newspapers and of national and international fame such as Sole24Ore and that New York Times. In 2009, Ugo Berti sold his company to young people who, fearing a possible decline in the tradition of sandwiches in Cremona, took this place to their heart and made sure to carry on with passion and care what Ugo left them in the years to come.

The Grom space, according to some rumors, could be integrated with the other large store next door where Liu Jo was until a year ago.

GREEK COFFEE: The words “Assets are sold“which replaced the previous one that spoke of holidays and reopening in October. The bar has always been one of the most popular in the center, and changed owners a year and a half ago. At the reopening Cremonese had found a familiar face, Omar Regonelli barman known for his long activity and experience not only in the city. Since the summer closure when Regonelli returned to his activity as a “freelance barman” who did the season in Formentera. Then the choice to stop the activity at Caffè Greco and therefore the choice to give in. Probably the choice was undoubtedly influenced by the increase in bills but also the rent of the two spaces (one was Panini’s historical, the other bar’s) which led to a real now to quit and sell.

DASLU COFFEE‘: The Chinese also arrived at the former cafe to reinforce an already strong Asian presence in the central part of the Gallery with the Chinese management of the former Motta cafe and the Koreans from Wok Express (chips and more). But the new business has nothing to do with food and catering, as that seemed to be the fate of the Galleria’s vacant premises. Instead, it is a tailor-made outfit that will take place in the cafe, which after 15 years had to close its doors due to the severe economic crisis due to the covid-19 pandemic. Once in the Gallery, a meeting place for young people from the sixties and seventies, instead of Daslu Caffè there was Gelateria 2000.

photo service by Gianpaolo Guarneri (FotostduioB12)


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