Dacia Maraini and Stefania Porrino at the Teatro di Documenti to talk about “the master of art” with “Il Rondò del Caffè Ristoro”.


Dacia Maraini and Stefania Porrino at the Teatro di Documenti to talk about “the master of art” with “Il Rondò del Caffè Ristoro”.


Mise en espace of “Il Rondò del Caffè Ristoro” by Stefania Porrino will be staged from April 27 to May 1 at the Teatro di Documenti, under the auspices of the “Licinio Refice” Conservatory of Music, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Frosinone and in collaboration with “Vera Pertossi” study center.

The show, represented by Company of Changemakes use of the author’s valuable support Dacia Maraini who before the staging will have a dialogue with Stefania Porrino on the theme of teaching and about characters of women – teachers.

“Master of Art – The Transition of Artistic Knowledge Between Women in Different Generations”that’s the name of the meeting, it becomes for the spectator the precious opportunity to listen to Dacia Maraini’s personal reflections on writing and teaching.

Is it possible to teach writing? Are there any specific techniques to follow? How much does the attitude towards life contribute to the flow of words? These are just some of the questions that the Italian author, poet and essayist will answer.

After the meeting between Dacia Maraini and Stefania Porrino a buffet for those present and immediately after the mise en espace of “Il Rondò del Caffè Ristoro”.

“The Rondò del Caffè Ristoro”, a comedy set in a small town in the Roman countryside these days, tells three stories of women and their intertwining of life.

Stories of generations that are reflected in each other, united by the common love of music.

Silvia studied composition but doubts her abilities and has abandoned her dreams along the way and devoted herself to teaching solfeggio to Serenella.

Serenella is a shy and awkward girl who is preparing for her first music test.

Delia is a successful composer who succeeds with his presence in questioning Silvia’s fragile balance.

All three women establish a complex bond of teaching and learning between them where the past is mixed with the present to finally tell the viewer that “Everyone is the only true teacher for himself.”

Compagnia del Mutamento, founded in October 2017, currently consists of: Giulio Farnese, Nunzia Greco, Evelina Nazzari, Alessandro Pala Griesche, Carla Kaamini Carretti and Silvia Montobbio.

The music for “Il Rondò del Caffè Ristoro” is composed and performed on guitar by Lorenzo Sorgi.

The lights are edited by Paolo Orlandelli.

Theater of documents

Via Nicola Zabaglia, 42, 00153 Rom RM

Wednesday 27 April at 6.30 pm meeting with Dacia Maraini: “Masters of art – The passage of artistic knowledge between women of different generations”


Wednesday 27 April at 20.45 “Il Rondò del Caffè refreshment”

Friday 29 April at 20.45 “Il Rondò del Caffè refreshment”

Saturday 30 April and Sunday 1 May at 5.45 pm “Il Rondò del Caffé ristoro”

ticket: 7 € + 3 cards


Compagnia del Mutamento was formed in October 2017 with the set of the show “Communism, goodbye?”, Text and directed by Stefania Porrino, at the Teatro di Documenti in Rome.

The actors who compose it are: Giulio Farnese, Nunzia Greco, Evelina Nazzari, Alessandro Pala Griesche and Carla Kaamini Carretti.

The show will resume next season and in 2020 the same interpreter will take the stage “The Change – traveling from Atlantis to the Universe”, text and direction by Stefania Porrino, also at the Teatro di Documenti.

The last rerun of “Change” will take place on March 1, 2020. Three days later, due to Covid – 19, the theaters will close. The end of the text, which told of the end of earthly life and the need to abandon the known world for a new and uncertain future, is prophetic, so much so that the company has given itself the name “Company of Change” and to plan the resumption of the show of the same name for the 2022/23 season.

Before that, from April 27 to May 1, 2022, Compagnia del Mutamento presents, in the form of a mise en espace, a text – multiple award-winning 1984 – by Stefania Porrino “Il Rondò del Caffè Ristoro”. A reflection on the importance of the teacher-student relationship in the continuation of an artistic knowledge that is inherited on the female line.

At the moment, the young Silvia Montobbio is added to the company’s actress.


Graduated in literature from La Sapienza University and graduated in piano from “S. Cecilia”, Stefania Porrino began her theater career in 1980 as opera and prose director. Held by Dacia Maraini, she has primarily devoted herself to theater writing, teaching Scenic Art and Musical Theater Direction at the Frosinone Conservatory of Music.

As a dramatic writer, she has written about thirty texts, almost all award-winning and published, which have been staged in Rome, Italy and abroad. He has also written the script for RAI.

Among the ancestors of theatrical texts: Vittorio Gassman, Franca Rame, Walter Pedullà, Carlo Quartucci, Franca Angelini, Maricla Boggio, Aldo Nicolaj, Giovanni Antonucci, Lidia Menapace.

In 2003 he made his fictional debut with “The novel of Feeling – from Atlantis to us”, Edizioni Bastogi, 2003; with IkonaLiber, he published a children’s book in 2018, “The tales of the magic wheelbarrow – Fables in five millennia of art and history” and in 2019 he wrote a memoir dedicated to Sardinia entitled “Effect of Sardinian affections”, published from Nemapress Editions.

Since 2006 he has been a member of SIAD’s board and since 2014 he and Duska Bisconti have organized “Spiritually Laici”, a theater review dedicated to themes for spiritual research.


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