Dear bills, Cursano attacks: “It is better to offer coffee and charge for air conditioning”

No.ell’last episode of Porta a Porta, aired yesterday on Rai Unothe issue of the energy crisis was raised, at the center of this election campaign and one of the main concerns of Italians. Aldo Maria Cursano, Vice President of Fipe (Italian Federation of Public Exercises) was also present for the debate in the studio.. Bruno Vespa turned to him and asked how much the prices in bars and restaurants had increased on average. «We are still completely below inflation, but the problem is not tomorrow, but today. Because to survive tomorrow you have to try to live today. And while we are debating in Rome and Brussels, our production and distribution system is jumping. Prices have risen from 3% to 4%, but before these increases. Because we live at work and we are not the Red Cross. The prices are the result of each cost source “- explained Cursano.

Aldo Maria Cursano

An annual increase on average from 30 to 100 thousand euros

The conductor then went on to ask Cursano how much the coffee and croissant cost, before this price increase, after the expensive bills were revealed. «This is a widely spread figure – continued Fipe’s vice-president – For example, in my city today the coffee and croissant cost 2.20 euros, while we are now at 2.40 euros. But I repeat, today it is better to offer coffee and charge for air conditioning. We have passed from a side cost, to a cost that exceeded the lease. Companies, like ours, that determine the price of that coffee or that pizza, according to the estimated costs, the rent, the energy costs or for the raw materials or the cost of the staff, what to do when you come between boss and place a blow of this type with an increase of 300, 400 or 500%. It goes from an average annual increase of 30 to 100 thousand euros.

Wonderful life

The risk of losing the bar downstairs is real

The Vespa driver continued and asked for a realistic forecast for public establishments. Aldo Maria Cursano replied: “The bills in the window that we wanted to share with customers and citizens, serve to express this last act of self-defense. The risk of losing the bar downstairs is real. And so here is the division of responsibility at such a sensitive moment. Because when the costs exceed the income, believe me, there is nothing to do. You succumb ».

We didn’t look. We are entrepreneurs

The vice-president of Fipe then continued: «What have we done? We really didn’t look. We are entrepreneurs. We we have reduced the hours, we concentrate on the bands, we have revised the production processes, we have revised the menus with more cold dishes, we have reduced the use of air conditioning by closing during the hottest hours. There are those that only open for dinner. We try to offer a service that is also adequate, not only for the quality of the work we have to approach our children, but also to ensure that costs are limited.

The bill cannot be paid by households and companies

The tenant then pressed Cursano and asked what kind of savings the interventions carried out by the public facilities had brought. “It has not produced any results. Because in the face of a net reduction in consumption, air conditioning, processes, products, schedules, reorganization of work ultimately continue to double and triple. There is this element that corrupts. Witnessing as helpless witnesses as our businesses, life plans and dreams are doomed to yield. And I don’t think we can in any way here say that speculation is the market. But if it doesn’t work, households and businesses cannot pay the bill. I am ready to make my sacrifices, I am ready to do whatever is necessary for the country.

Is the system, even the European one, with work or with speculation?

The conductor then concluded by asking the exponent of Fipe what his wishes are, who replied: «Save our companies and make sure that these costs can remain so and make sure to find a solution for the excesses. Because now if we don’t pay, we turn off the lights, we’re in arrears. And now the big companies are waiting for it, only to propose new more punitive contracts and ask everyone for bail and budgets. It goes from the pan to the grill, because if I don’t pay, they turn off the lights or I’m in default. And then the government must find a formula to protect ourselves, redistribute or create a suspension. Let’s create a perspective and save this productive and distributing market. Here it is in the danger zone. If one day we overcome the crisis, there will be no more companies. Is the system, including the European one, with work or with speculation? ».


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