Dementia, the new Alzheimer’s Café for the Association for Neurogenetic Research in Pizzo

Pizzo – Association for Neurogenetic Research ODV participates in the Alzheimer Marathon Foundation’s activity program for treatment. The presentation of the new Alzheimer Café, an integral part of the project “Caffè Alzheimer diffuso”, will take place on Saturday 28 May at 18.00 at Murat Castle in Pizzo. The project is supported by the Roche Foundation Call for Patients and by the Alzheimer Marathon Foundation which, in addition to providing financial support for three years, has made its network of associations available throughout the country, paying particular attention to the most vulnerable areas and areas where these services still are underdeveloped (Caffè Alzheimer will also be born in the municipalities of S. Ginesio, in the province of Macerata, an area affected by the 2016 earthquake, and Messina). Now, after the training held in Bertinoro on the 27th and 28th of April, we come to the heart. This Saturday, in the fantastic environment of Murat Castle in Pizzo, ARN will present the next activities for Pizzo coffee to the citizens.

For those unfamiliar with this concept, Alzheimer’s cafés are welcoming and de-institutionalized meeting places, where people with dementia and their families can be in an atmosphere of calm, together with expert staff. During the meetings, weekly and always free of charge for the participants, many different activities will take place, which aim to stimulate social, cognitive and manual skills. The cafés also aim to be close to family members in their sensitive role as caregivers, promote the creation of a natural support network and provide information about the disease. The throbbing heart of cafés is undoubtedly the welcoming space in which they are located, which, in addition to promoting socialization, promotes knowledge within society, which significantly contributes to the cultural act of reducing the stigma that still surrounds the world of dementia. Alzheimer’s coffee is characterized as “places of life” rather than as care places, a function that is well emphasized by having a coffee or a drink together at the end of the activities. To participate in our coffee in Pizzo or to request additional information, you can write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

During the inaugural event, moderated by Antonio Laganà (ARN Chairman), the Extraordinary Commissioner for Pizzo Dr. Antonio Reppucci, Professor Amalia Cecilia Bruni (Vice-Chair of the Calabria Health Commission), dr. Raffaele Di Lorenzo (neurologist, formerly at the Regional Center for Neurogenetics and a member of ARN’s board), Dr Teresa Dattilo (social worker and ARN designer) and Paola Zaira Sciutto (psychologist). The associations that will participate in the project “Caffè Alzheimer Diffuso”, thanks to the reports prepared by the foundation, are 17 that will create a total of 19 Alzheimer’s coffee in 9 different Italian regions.

The associations

Friends of Casa Insieme ODV Mercato Saraceno (project coordinator)

Alzheimer’s Association Cagliari

Association Active Alzheimer’s Fabriano

ARAD Bologna APS


Social Workshops APS Rovigo

AFA VCO (Verbano-Cusio-Ossola)

AMA Novara ODV

New Humanity The House of Dreams ODV (Foggia)

AMA Ferrara ODV (start of operations 13 May)

AFAM Alzheimer Uniti Marche (Macerata) (inauguration of San Ginesio Café June 23)

Alzheimer Support Group Fidenza Odv

Alzheimer Marche Association ODV (Ancona)

Let’s not lose our heads Bologna

Don Baronio Cesena Foundation

Association for Neurogenetic Research Lamezia Terme (inauguration of Caffè di Pizzo Calabro 28 May)

A.Ri.AD Messina

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