Disappointment of a commuter: “We spend too much” Prati (Terminal One): “It’s the price of a coffee a day”

A few days after the ribbon-cutting in the new parking lot Mediopadana, which was inaugurated on Wednesday, the users’ complaints are not long in coming. One in particular, Adriano Russo, sent an e-mail to various addresses, including the one to our editorial staff, the mayor of Reggio and the president of Terminal One, Guido Prati: the latter, again by e-mail, then responded immediately. Core thing: parking prices.

Russo turns to Mayor Vecchi and begins by distinguishing between occasional travelers and commuters. “Those who are actually forced to use the station daily for work reasons – he writes – will have to see to it that the already significant cost of the railway season passes is added even to those connected to parking, without even being able to choose whether the service should be used or not. “. The complete removal of free parking spaces, Russo continues, represents “a choice that guarantees those who earn at work to the exclusive detriment of those who use the station of necessity. In addition, the only possibility to use a free parking space. More than a kilometer away. away, an alternative that speaks for itself “. “I ask you to reflect – he concludes – on the possibility of, as until a few days ago, keeping a space available for those who have to use that station daily.”

“I limit myself to informing you that all people like you who use high speed often and for work needs and have a Trenitalia subscription or a one – month Italo carnet, have the opportunity to subscribe to a monthly card at a cost of 40 euros” this is the beginning of the response from Prati, chairman of the construction company Terminal One, which took care of the construction of the parking lot. “We are waiting for you when you find it appropriate – this is how the message ends – so that you can use this course, which is practically the cost of a coffee a day.”

“By thanking you for your answer – Russo answers – I want to point out that compared to an average train ticket of 300 euros, the parking fee is de facto translated into an increase in travel costs by more than 10%, an increase, completely unjustified, weighs an already high If there had been an intention to protect those who use the station out of necessity, we would have considered guaranteeing free seats or a truly symbolic contribution, on the other hand, as usual, we reasoned for profit and not about how to do a service for citizenship ”.

“The point, Dr Prati – he finally points out – is that if it were a coffee, people would have free choice of where and when they would take it, while instead they are forced to drink a bitter coffee even for those who really do not want to.”

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